10 Animais mais Perigosos do Mundo

10 Most dangerous Animals in the World

10. The tiger

The tiger (Panthera tigris) lives in Asia, mainly India and Bangladesh. 
He averages between 40 and 100 victims per year. At issue: the gradual disappearance of its food and the violation of its natural environment by humans, often because they attack other prey available or when it feels threatened.

9. The Sea Wasp

This jellyfish, its Latin name Chironex fleckeri, is present in the waters of Australia and the Philippines. 
The sea wasp, the most venomous jellyfish known to date, measuring about 17 cm. Mere contact with its tentacles causes sweating, suffocation and complete blindness.
More than 100 victims are recorded every year.

8. The Hippopotamus 

Hippopotamus amphibius live in Africa. Despite his regime herbivore is annually responsible for numerous fatal accidents.
With its long canine teeth, its 1500 to 3200 kg and its running speed of 30 km / h, the hippo can be a real tank.

His victims are more than 200 a year.

7. Lion

The lion (Panthera leo) lives mainly in the savanna and, like the tiger, is a victim of human activity.
His hunting ground is decreasing and it has often no other choice but to attack humans to survive. With the loss of living space and contacts more closely with humans, it would have caused about 250 deaths annually.

6. The bee

It is an insect found on all continents. If the bite is usually not fatal, it can become fatal for people with allergies.
The bee in fact injects a poison that, for people sensitive to its bite can cause death due to anaphylactic shock. 400 people become victims each year.

5. Elephant

The African savannah elephants (Loxodonta africana), can sometimes be very violent when it encounters people around.
It is the largest land mammals, with a weight of about 7,300 kg. Better not be on its way and some did not understand clearly: every year, 600 people in fact are killed every year by savannah elephants.

4. Crocodile

Reptile in the tropics and subtropics, the crocodile is a formidable predator.
In Africa, India, South America or Australia, while some hunt the crocodile, the converse is true as well, 2000 people are victimized every year.

3. The Scorpion

There are over 1 500 species of these arachnids that live in Africa, Australia, in the Sahara or North America. Only 20 of them would be fatal.
The scorpion attacks generally causes a significant number of accidents. About 5000 people  die every year as a result of the bite of a venomous species of scorpion.

2. Snakes

The king cobra is one of the most dangerous species...... 
While the bite of the king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) can kill an elephant in less than three hours, the Trigonocephale (Bothrops lanceolatus) which are seen in South America and the Caribbean could kill 30 people at once. 100000 people are victims of snake bites every year.

1. The mosquito

Surprising? And yet: the mosquito is the most dangerous species in the world. This insect that lives on all continents is the biggest killer of men in the world. By far ... 
The danger of the mosquito actually comes from its ability to transmit disease. A single bite is enough. It is the only one that can transmit malaria and can spread chikungunya virus. 2 million people die every year.

12. Bears: 5-10 deaths per year

11. Sharks: Approximately 100 deaths per year


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