10 Maiores Roubos de todos os tempos

10 Greatest Robberies of all time

1. Iraque
Central Bank of Iraq (2003): Saddam took US$1 billion a day before the war

2. USA
Boston Museum (1990): dressed as police officers, stole US$300 million worth in paintings

3. Inglaterra
Knightsbridge Security Deposit (1987): requested to rent a safe deposit box, then subdued the manager and stole US$111 million

4. Inglaterra
Kent Securitas Depot (2006): abducted the manager, then stole USD$92.5 million

5. Ingaterra
Great Train Robbery (1963): stole US$74 million without guns

6. Brasil
Banco Central in Brazil (2005): tunneled 255 feet up to the bank, then stole US$69.8 million

7. Irlanda do Norte
Northern Bank (2004): bank officials threatened to help steal US$50 million

8. Inglaterra
Brinks Mat warehouse (1983): broke into warehouse to find ten tonnes of gold bullion worth US$45 million

9. Califórnia , USA
Dunbar Armored (1997): inside man steals US$18.9 million

10. Kennedy Airport, USA
Lufthansa (1978): US$5.8 million at Kennedy Airport


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