10 Marcas mais conhecidas de Tênis no Mundo

10 Most famous brands of Tennis of the World

10. K-Swiss

K-Swiss was the first company that introduced leather tennis shoes to the world. The company was formed in 1966 and has since set higher and higher standards in the manufacture of athletic shoes. The company is especially well known for making some of the most durable shoes in the markets. The company has an immense international market and global sales for the company in the past have tipped five hundred million dollars.  

9. Aetrex

Aetrex shoes are some of the most comfortable tennis shoes that money can buy. Although not a major player in the athletic equipment markets, this company has managed to make some of the most comfortable tennis shoes. The company also prides itself on the fact that they make some of the healthiest footwear on the planet.

8. Asics
Asics is a Japanese company that makes some of the best athletic equipment in the world. A company well known to manufacture some of the best professional footwear in the world, the company has been making sports shoes since 1949 and has set some remarkable standards in the industry. Their tennis shoes are known all around the world and the company has always delivered excellent shoes that deliver comfort as well as amazing endurance.

7. Skechers
Skechers is a company that is known for its trendy athletic shoes. The company has always manufactured some of the best looking tennis shoes and even today continues to set new standards with the use of cutting edge technology to manufacture their shoes. The company is a relatively new one and was started in 1992 but has carved a mane for itself in the manufacture of athletic shoes that have comfort, endurance as well as some amazing visual appeal.

6. Wilson
The Wilson Sporting Goods Company is a company based in the United States and is a leading manufacturer of sports goods and equipment for many sports and athletic events. It is a name that is synonymous to making some of the best sports equipment in the world and makes some of the best tennis shoes in the world. Buying anything Wilson is a mark of timeless quality and perfection.

5. Reebok

Reebok although a subsidiary of the larger sportswear company Adidas deserves a special mention in the manufacture of tennis shoes. The company was established in 1895 in the United Kingdom and was a relatively smaller company catering to just the United Kingdom till the latter half of the 20thcentury. Since then the company has raised the bar for sports equipment and in particular tennis shoes. The company also makes some of the most sought after footwear in the world. 

4. New Balance

The New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc is an American footwear company that was founded in 1906. It is one of the largest manufacturers of footwear in the world and is a leading manufacturer of cutting edge tennis shoes. The company has a long history of manufacturing some of the best tennis shoes the world has seen. 

3. Puma

Yet another household name in footwear, Puma is a German company that makes sportswear, athletic shoes and footwear. Although the company is known primarily for its football shoes, it also makes some amazing tennis sneakers. It was formed in 1924 and has since then remained at the helms of sports shoe manufacturing. 

2. Adidas

Adidas AG known in households around the world as Adidas is a German company. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer outside of the United States and makes some of the best sports equipment in the world. The company is valued at over 10billion pounds and makes sportswear and sports equipment other than just shoes. Its shoes are some of the best sporting equipment that money can buy. 

1. Nike

Nike Inc is arguably the largest maker of athletic shoes in the world and is also among the top sports equipment makers. Nike tennis shoes are definitely worth the cost in terms of comfort, durability and looks too. The company makes well over 15 billion dollars a year and has some of the best looking athletic shoes that one can find. The company has many different sub brands that produce some of the best sporting equipment in the world.


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