10 + 2 Países sem Forças Armadas no Mundo

10 + 2 Countries without Armed Forces in the World

Andorra - the defense is supplied together by France and Spain.

Costa Rica - the Constitution prohibit armed forces, but the National Guard has units of combat.

Haiti - the rebels ask for his re-establishment. The national police maintain some units of combat.

Iceland - defense under the responsibility of the USA that you/they maintain, for that, Icelandic Defense Forces.
Ficheiro:2 Arrival of Thor - Icelandic Coast Guard 2011-10-27 Reykjavik.jpg

Kiribati - defense with attendance of Australia and New Zealand.

Liechtenstein - defense and diplomacy under the responsibility of Switzerland.

Monaco - defense under the responsibility of France.

Nauru - defense under the responsibility of Australia.

Palau - defense under the responsibility of the United States of America. Brief history palau  rock islands guantanamo detainees chinese muslims Johnson Toribiong gitmo

Panama - the Panamanian national police have units of combat, with guaranteed defense for the USA for treaty.

San Marino - defense under the responsibility of Italy. In spite of San Marino disposal, formally, of several military forces, they just carry out ceremonial functions and policemen.

Vatican - defense under the responsibility of Italy. Guard Suíça, in spite of being, formally, a military force is just ceremonial, acting as the force of personal protection of Pope and of the Apostolic Palace, though the City of Vatican, also shows to Corpo della Gendarmeria dello Stato della Città del Vaticano, that is responsible for the action policeman.


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