10 Domínios mais antigos da Internet

10 Older domains of the Internet

1. symbolics.com  15 Mar 1985 

The first registered domain belongs to "Symbolics.com", dated March 15, 1985. The site was part of the computer manufacturer Symbolics Inc. The company went bankrupt in the mid-1990s and the area was sold to an investment company called XF Investments. The site is still in the air with the same eye 25 years ago.

2.  BBN.com   24 Apr 1985
This domain was registered on April 24, 1985 and belongs to a technology company in the United States.

3.  think.com   24 May 1985 
The Think.com was registered dated on May 24, 1985, but the site is no longer on the air. When you enter the address is automatically forwarded to the ThinkQuest site, Oracle.

4.  MCC.com   11 Jul 1985
This domain was registered on July 11, 1985. Today gathers information from universities that have initials with these acronyms.

5.  DEC.com   30 Sep 1985
Site registered on September 30, 1985, now belongs to Hewlett-Packard (HP).

6.  Northrop.com   07 Nov 1985 
Domain registered on November 7, 1985, the site was bought by global security company Northrop Grumman.

7.  xerox.com   09 Jan 1986
Of large technology companies, Xerox seems to have been the quickest to register their domain: January 9, 1986.

8.  SRI.com   17 Jan 1986
This research institute nonprofit existed for over 60 years, but only registered their domain on January 17, 1986.

9.  HP.com   03 Mar 1986
Although it has acquired the domain DEC.COM shortly after your registration, HP decided to register its own address on March 3, 1986 to avoid problems later.

10.  bellcore.com   05 Mar 1986 
Joined on March 5, 1986, the company now belongs to the field of technology and mobile broadband Telcordia.


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