10 Mais bonitas estações de Metro do Mundo

10 Most beautiful subway stations

Stockholm, Sweden

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The network of the Swedish capital is considered by many as the finest on the planet. Also been able: its seasons combine high quality materials, custom lighting design, and almost always a design innovator. The blue line, for example, the spot remains in all seasons, the tunnel separating stones and soil. The architecture, of course, because the cap makes the brutality of the stones.

Moscow, Russia
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With 7 million passengers per day, the Moscow Metro is the second busiest in the world, behind only the system of Tokyo. Some stops are synonymous with austerity, but most were built during Stalinism, especially in the 1930s, and were part of political propaganda that trumpeted the beauty of collective services such as transport. The classic style dominates the seasons, both in windows and domes, as in ultra ornate ceilings and floors.

Frankfurt, Germany
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Every day, half the population of Frankfurt Locomove exclusively underground. Also been able, with 670,000 inhabitants, the city has 86 stations that cater to virtually all of its neighborhoods. Each stop is proposed to make a kind of provocation to the sameness of everyday life, however, there is one that stands out: it has an entry that resembles a subway car breaking the surface of the earth.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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The city's subway Taiwan is marked by huge glass panels and lighting design of a custom design for each station, giving them a visual cinematic moment, sometimes minimalist. Works of art to decorate all the stops, are paintings and mosaics on the walls, or even sculptures.

Washington, USA
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Built from 1976, the Washington Metro is considered by the Americans the most beautiful country. With 28 stations, it was designed by architect Harry Weese, and has the face of the 70s: it's all exposed concrete, has halls free of columns that can interfere with vision, and has an indirect lighting that gives a rather futuristic .

Paris, France
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With 112 years of life, the Paris metro is one of the oldest and most famous of the planet. Their stations reflect the city's rich history. The oldest, for example, follow the art nouveau style. But the art deco and modernism also attend. Circular by the Parisian network is thus a lesson in architectural history and, not infrequently, one sees the meticulous restoration work that is constantly done in its mosaics, paintings and posters.

Montreal, Canada
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Known for an extensive underground network of corridors and malls, which serve as a meeting point of the population during the colder months of winter, Montreal also has one of the boldest - and beautiful - metro networks on the planet. Started in 1966, during the World Expo which took place in the city that year, the mesh has spaces for artworks presenting music and performances, plus a unique structure of facilities for cyclists.

Pyongyang, North Korea
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The trains are old and the network has only 17 stations, but the metro of the North Korean capital - built in 1969 - brings together some very sumptuous stations. As the network of Moscow, Pyongyang was used as part of government propaganda. It may not be modern, but it certainly has retro charm.

Almaty, Kazakhstan
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Besides being the youngest on the planet - was inaugurated on 1 December 2011 - the metro network in Kazakhstan's largest city is also one of the most beautiful. Were 23 years of work, and few stations are already in place, but they represent different styles, from classic to modern, always with the use of standards that convey elegance, such as glass and metal.

New York, USA
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If the subway stations New Yorkers are not exactly synonymous with beauty and cleanliness, there is a season - the City Hall Subway Station - which is not only beautiful but full of history. She is the one that preserves the style that the network had when it opened at the turn of the 19th to the 20th. The bad news is that the place is closed and dead since 1945, and is not open to visitors.

Source: casavogue.globo.com


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