10 Tubarões mais perigosos do Mundo

10 Most Dangerous Sharks of the World

Lemon shark

This species can hunt other sharks, and large seabirds, squid, crustaceans, and stingrays. It is not usually aggressive toward humans, but when threatened, this large yellow fish do not hesitate to attack.

Blue shark

Blue sharks can eat up almost explode. His appetite seems insatiable. Besides anchovies, they usually eat mackerel, sardines, birds, seals, turtles and squid. Can also attack small fishing boats and divers.

Hammerhead shark

The great hammerhead shark can reach 5.5 meters and weigh almost 700 pounds. The unusual position of their eyes allows a broader view of the environment and needs. Predators active, hammerhead sharks are common near the coast. The great hammerhead shark can reach 5.5 meters and weigh 680 pounds. It feeds mainly on fish and squid.

Dogfish sand tiger shark

Shallow waters are the preferred sites of this species, but they can be found up to 200 feet deep in its scope of occurrence, which includes the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, east and west Atlantic, and the Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas.


These sharks are active during the day but at night they eat coral fish, octopus and various crustaceans. It is a social species that is usually very curious - curiosity as attested by divers. But when it feels threatened, he bends his body to form an "S".

Shortfin mako shark

These sharks, also known as mako sharks have torpedo-like bodies and are the fastest sharks in the world. They are aggressive predators and do not hesitate to attack when provoked. Some fishermen reported that they manage to free themselves from fishing lines, and then attack and bite whoever is on board.

Gall-white shark

This kind normally inhabit warmer waters and tends to swim near the surface. When it feeds on other sharks, can become aggressive.

Tiger shark

What makes these sharks particularly dangerous for swimmers and divers is the combination of its large size, style game (near the coast and the surface), natural curiosity and indiscriminate appetite, tiger sharks eat almost anything that floats.

Great White Shark

Largest predatory fish on the planet, the great white shark can weigh over a ton. They are found in oceans worldwide, but especially in the coastal waters of temperate North America, southern Africa and southern and western Australia. Its extremely sharp teeth-shaped arrowheads are made to cut (and rip) large pieces of flesh from their prey.

Shark flat-head
These aggressive predators prefer shallow warm waters near the coast - exactly where people like to swim. They are found worldwide and can even tolerate fresh water sharks flat-heads have been found even in Illinois rivers in Massachusetts. When attacking prey, these sharks use the technique of "bump-and-bite", ie, they hit against the victim to "prove" your taste and then destroy them.


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