10 + 5 Montanhas mais espetaculares para a escalada

10 + 5 Most spectacular Mountains to Climb

10. Las Torres de Vajolet-Italian Alps
Las Torres de Vajolet has an incomparable beauty. But beauty can not impress climbers, who have the Arete Delago route as the most convenient to reach the top.

9. Preikestolen - Forsand, Norway
Rock or Preikestolen Prekestolen, also known as Preacher's Pulpit or Pulpit Rock has 604 meters and the top is flat, with 25 by 25 meters, which explains the name given to the stone. It is one of the tourist attractions in Norway which has already attracted 95 000 people on a walk of about 4 miles.

8. El Capitan - Yosemite National Park, California, United States
"Captain," despite its 900 meters, has one of the most challenging vertical ascents. Located in Yosemite National Park, beside the falls has a trail that leads to a cliff, but the great difficulty is the formation of stone: granite, which has more than 100 million years and has no 'gaps'.

7. Mount Thor - Baffin Island, Canada
Considered the highest vertical cliff in the world, Mount Thor is in Auyuittuq National Park, Canada. With 1675 meters of altitude and angle 105 º vertical, is one of rock preferred by climbers.

6. Mount Roraima - Venezuela, Brazil, Guyana
Among three countries of South America, Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil, Mount Roraima is located, with 2810 meters. This is one of the oldest geological formations in the world and is located in the Canaima National Park in Venezuela. To reach the summit, the long walk may last about two days. Its geological formation is called a plateau, a kind of plateau.

5. Bugaboo Spire - Kootenay-Columbia, Canada
Among the glaciers and glacier Crescent Vowell is the Bugaboo Spire, one of Canada's most famous rocks. With 3204 meters of granite and training, has two pathways: Northeast Ridge Route and Kain.

4. Las Torres, Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Argentina
With mountains, glaciers, rivers and lakes around it, Las Torres in Patagonia, has become one of the sights. In Torres Del Paine National Park there is also the Paine massif. The Mountaineers, on arriving at the top, can enjoy the view of the valley with the different rock formations.

3. Saint Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland
With 4478 meters, the Saint Matterhrn is one of the highest peaks of the Swiss Alps. The first to climb this rock formation was the Briton Edward Whymper in 1865.

2. Cerro Torre - Patagonia, Argentina
The weather conditions and the difficulty of the steep end up "making up" the 3128 meters of altitude climbers. The Cerro Torre is located in the southern ice fields of Patagonia and the peak of this mountain is west of Cerro Chalten, a region disputed by Argentina and Chile. This is the highest mountain in the region, which consists of three formations: Torre Egger, Punta Herron, and Cerro Stanhardt.

1. Nameless Tower - Pakistan
Also known as Trango Tower, Nameless Tower (Nameless Tower) is located on the Baltoro Glacier, in northern Pakistan. With 6239 meters, is the number one among the most spectacular rocks. Here are some of the highest cliffs and is considered one of the most difficult climbs in the world. It has eight different routes to reach the summit, including the Eternal Flame (Eternal Flame).

Source: Hottnez.com

15. Meteora, Greece

 The rock formation, known as "suspended rock", is located between the river and the Peneios Pindus Mountains. The monasteries that are there are surrounded by natural pillars of sandstone rocks. Considered a world heritage site by UNESCO, the region is home to six monasteries and one of the most important for its potential to escalate.

14. Dead Horse Point - Río Colorado, United States

 Point is known worldwide by the scenes of Mission Impossible movie with Tom Cruise. Along the Colorado River, the mountain has interesting topographical features, such as descents on three sides of the plateau. But the region is little visited by tourists due to the aridity of the climate and lack of water and food.

13. Spider Rock - Arizona, United States

 With 224 meters, the Spider Rock is composed of red sandstone, found in the National Park of Arizona (USA), in Canyon de Chelly. The rock, which looks like buildings, was formed about 230 million years through layers of sand of the region taken by the wind. The name (Spider Stone) comes from American legend

12. Shiprock - New Mexico

 From a volcanic eruption and formed by basalt magma and solidified, the Shiprock has 600 meters in diameter and 500, can be seen from afar by climbers and tourists. The area comprises volcanic formations with Arizona, Utah and Colorado, USA.

11. Devil's Needle (Agulha do Diabo) - Rio de Janeiro

 In Brazil, the Devil's Needle is the National Park of the Organ Mountains, in Rio de Janeiro, and is in 11th place among the most spectacular rock climbing. With 2050 meters, is considered one of the most complicated to perform any kind of activity because of natural obstacles.


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