10 Carros mais comprados por Homens

10 Cars that only men buy

10. Chevrolet Corvette
With a percentage of male clients of 86.9%, the most iconic American sports, the Corvette, comes in 10th place. Currently in its 6th generation, still meets the client's default male obsessed by horses to charge 638cv power and comes with a pedigree that very few can compete.

9. Ford F-Series
ford f - 150 250 300
The Ford F-Series has established a reputation as one of the most reliable and powerful pick-ups since 1948. This is clearly the choice of real men in action, contractors, the self-made men who are looking for a machine indefatigable and indestructible. The percentage of male shoppers in this model is 87.0%.

8. GMC Sierra
In 8th place on the list of cars for men is the GMC Sierra. Like the F-Series, this is only for real men who like to get their hands dirty. This toy was definitely not made ​​for the ladies, which is not surprising since the percentage of male customers is about 87.5%.

7. Nissan GT-R
nissan GTR
The Nissan GT-R, basically the base model of the range for speed junkies, there is a car Sunday afternoon. The power of 530cv and 315 km / h top speed convince a percentage of 87.9% male clients, while most ladies would probably respond with a polite "no thanks" after the first test drive and hallucinating.

6. Porsche 911
ferdinand porche lagos
The Porsche 911 is now for those who are ahead in the food chain of petrol heads. In its inherent Darwinian logic, the sporty top of the range identifies the alpha male behind the wheel. But that would be very basic, the truth is that it's an air quality cultured, traditional values ​​and technological sophistication that gives a percentage of 88.2% of male shoppers.

5. Ferrari California
ca. california beach
Ferrari is passion. Men with a passion for fast cars, loud and expensive are responsible for impressive 88.4% of purchases in California. This is not the only Ferrari in this list, no surprise of course, since there are so many men in love with money and only a brand called Ferrari.

4. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
mercedes asas de gaivota
In 4th place comes the SLS AMG, with 90.0% of men as clients. This giant piece of metal will probably cause a nervous breakdown most women, just thinking about the possibility of having to park in the full transit. But size matters, and occupying two parking spaces is the shape of AMG mark territory. Without forgetting the gullwing doors, of course!

3. Audi R8
R8 super t
The inaugurate the top three is the Audi R8 supercar that can count on a percentage of 91.4% of male shoppers with its Italo-Germanic genetic mix. The executive power and speed buffs appreciate this very simple brother of the Lamborghini Gallardo.

2. BMW 1 Series M Coupé
The BMW is not exactly a brand that expected at the 2nd position when it comes to cars not particularly popular among women, especially when the 1 Series car looks like a fairly neutral about gender. But adds an "M" in the name and picture changes with 340cv and 92.2% of customers are men.

1. Ferrari 458 Italia
best ferrari ever
On top of buying the 458 Italia male emerges that has several very convincing arguments that attract male helpless prey to purchasing expensive: the sound of V8 570cv and 325 km / h top speed, genes Italians, vibrant red body screaming: AM A FERRARI! Apparently women are immune to this spell, since 95.7% of buyers are men.

Source: autovia.pt


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