10 Locais mais quentes do Mundo

10 Locations world's hottest
The notion of "hottest spot" in the world is hard to find - it is impossible to reach the hottest deserts of the globe, such as the Gobi, Lut, or Sonoran Sahara.

Dallol, Somalia

Known as the hottest inhabited place in the world, the average maximum temperature, daily, exceeds 41.1 º C.

Wadi Halfa, Sudan

This city, which borders with Egypt, arrived recently to 52.7 º C.

Death Valley, USA
This Californian desert has reached 56.7 º C, which was considered the hottest temperature ever.

Lut Desert, Iran

This desert has felt the skin temperatures of 70.5 º C, according to Discovery. However, these temperatures were recorded satellite and concern the soil temperature. A weather station measures temperatures a few meters, so this temperature is not considered, for example, the ranking of the hottest ever.

Tirat Tsvi, Israel
File:Tirat Tzvi.jpg
This city is considered the hottest location in Asia, has reached 53.8 º C.

Timbuktu, Mali

Already registered 54.5 º C.

Queensland, Australia

As in the case of desert Lut, Iran, also here the satellites recorded temperatures of 68.8 ° C.

Turpan - Xinjiang, China
Located in the northwestern part of Xinjiang Province, China, Turfan easily record temperatures of 50 º C.

Douz, Tunisia
Os 10 locais mais quentes do mundo
In this city Tunisian, temperatures can reach 55 º C.

Ghadames, Libya

In Ghadames, the temperature reaches 55 º C.


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