10 Maiores produtores de Energia Nuclear do mundo

10 Largest producers of Nuclear Energy in the World

10. UK

10 - Reino Unido
The UK has the tenth largest nuclear power in the world with 62.9 billion kWh per year. This volume is generated in 19 reactors in operation. According to the World Nuclear Power Reactors there are 4 projects ongoing and nine others await apvoração.

9. China

9 - China
Although somewhat dependent nuclear energy, China is among the largest producers in the world. Only 1% of what the country consumes is generated from radioactive sources. Per year, 13 active reactors produce 65.7 billion kwh of nuclear power. There are currently 27 reactors under construction in the country, and another 50 in the planning stage. According to the NGO World Nuclear Power, reactor 110 projects awaiting approval.

8. Ukraine
8 - Ucrânia
Stage of the worst nuclear accident in history, Ukraine is the eighth country in the world that produces more this kind of energy. For years, the 15 reactors in operation produce 77.9 billion kwh of nuclear power, and realize 48.6% of the total energy that Ukraine consumes. In 1986, during a period of testing, one of the nuclear reactors of the city of Chernobyl (photo) exploded, releasing into the atmosphere an amount of radiation 400 times greater than that released by the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, Japan.

7. Canada
7 - Canadá
In the country, are generated annually 85.3 billion kWh of power reactors in 18 functional. Only 14% of the total energy the country consumes comes from nuclear sources. According to the NGO World Nuclear Power, two reactors currently under construction in Canada, and three in the planning stages and three others in approval.

6. Germany
6 - Alemanha
For years, the country generates 127.7 billion kWh, 17 reactors in operation. Germany does not depend exclusively on the nuclear matrix, whereas only 26.1% of total consumption in the country come from these sources. Currently, according to the World Nuclear Power, no reactors under construction or in planning.

5. South Korea
5 - Coreia do Sul
South Korea produces annually, on average, 141 billion kWh of nuclear power, according to information from the NGO World Nuclear Power. This volume, the fifth largest in the world, accounts for 34.8% of the country's energy matrix, and is produced by 21 reactors in operation. According to the NGO, five reactors are currently under construction in the country, and six others are in the planning stages.

4. Russia
4 - Rússia
In 32 nuclear reactors Russia annually produces 152.8 billion kWh of energy, the fourth largest production in the world. This amount represents almost 18% of total energy the country consumes. Currently, according to the World Nuclear Power, there are 12 reactors under construction in Russia, 14 in addition to planning and another 30 awaiting government approval.

3. Japan
3 - Japão
Japan has 55 reactors responsible for generating 263.1 billion kWh of energy per year. According to the NGO World Nuclear Power, there are still two reactors under construction in the country, and 12 in planning. There is another planned reactor whose proposal is awaiting approval.

2. France
2 - França
France is one of the countries most dependent on nuclear power in the world. About 75% of all the energy we use comes from radioactive sources. The French occupy the second position in the ranking of the largest producers of nuclear energy in the world, with 391.7 billion kWh per year. In the country's 58 reactors in operation, plus one under construction, another in the planning phase, and a third whose bid has not yet been approved.

1. United States
1 - Estados Unidos
The United States is the largest producer of nuclear power in the world, according to the ranking of the NGO World Nuclear Power. Per year, the country produces an average of 798.7 billion kWh of energy in 104 reactors distributed through the national territory. Despite the volume, the country depends little of this energy source. Nuclear power plants account for only 20.2% of the country's total energy mix. According to the NGO, there is currently a reactor under construction, and nine in the planning stages. There are still another 23 proposals for construction in the coming years.

Source: exame.com.br


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