10 Melhores Montanhas Russas no Mundo

10 Best Roller Coasters in the World
What is your favorite?

Dragon Khan - Spain

It tells the story of a prince bad that came to life in the form of roller coaster. He gets furious whenever someone walks on your back! Risks you?

Fujiyama - Japan

Radical! It has been a roller coaster with more loops! It has 76 meters high!

Kingda Ka - New Jersey, U.S.

It is the tallest and fastest in the world! With 140 meters, it goes from 0 to 200km / h in just 3.5 seconds!

Son of Beast - Ohio, U.S.

Do you have the courage to walk to 126 km / h to 66 meters in height?

Steel Dragon 2000 - U.S.

Considered the longest roller coaster in the world with 2479 meters long!

Titan - Texas, U.S.

Ninth largest roller coaster in the world! The whole ride lasts three and a half minutes!

White Cyclone - Japan

Scary! It has 1700 meters long, is the fourth largest wooden roller coaster in the world!

Millennium Force - Ohio, U.S.

Sure you'll scream when the cart down 90 meters at high speed! Two minutes will be unforgettable!

Dodonpa - Japan

It has the world's largest acceleration. The fall is from a dark room! Pure adrenaline!

Takabisha - Tokyo, Japan

It has many loops! The most fun in the world, has a fall of 40 meters!


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