10 Multas de trânsito mais elevadas do Mundo (até 2012)

10 Fines highest in the World

10. USA - € 1,919

To start we are talking about the possibility of actually achieving that level of fine. But yes, the legislation of some U.S. states allows speeding tickets over the legal limit to reach reach € 1,919. In addition, the driver in question may even be required to prison time if your driving is considered unwise by the court in many federal states.

9. Norway - 10% of annual profit

The Scandinavians are experts in astronomical fines for speeding. Norway is no exception and requires 10% of the annual budget to aceleras. Moreover, any crime related to speeding will also be punished with at least 18 days in jail, social services or termination of the license for 3 years.

8. Driver Porsche 911 - € 6,141

The previous fines were hypothetical, this is the reality: a driver of a Porsche 911 in the UK was caught driving at 277km / h on a country road. The fine was € 6,141. The final decision resulted in a payment of € 959 and a jail term of 10 weeks. It is a note: the speed tickets in the UK are around a modest € 77.

7. Canadian Driver - € 6,524

Another member of the Commonwealth which has a much stricter policy. Canadian authorities fined a driver who rushed passed in front of the camera vigilângia nuns apparently painful € 6,524. But with a cap on fines imposed in € 19,210, this decision seems quite generous.

6. Canadian Biker - € 9,210

Unluckier had a motorcycle in the state of Alberta Canada which was surprised at a speed of 264km / h. The fine he received from the court in the amount of € 9,210 was far less generous. At least he was not withdrawing the license.

5. Antti Rytsola - € 11,821

Entering the top 5 of the highest fines for speeding of all time means entering into Finnish territory. No other country in the world punishes criminals speed as the Finns. As you will see in the next case, a fine of € 11,821 that he received for pulling Antti Rytsola for your Lamborghini, is still a light sentence.

4. Teemu Selanne - € 30,857

Less fortunate was the Finnish hockey player Teemu Selanne who was fined € 30,857 for speeding in 2000. And as you can be issued a ticket so astronomical? The Finnish system is based on the performance of the driver, which means that even relatively minor infractions of the law can result in steep fines. Teemu Selänne’s Ferrari F430 Scuderia.

3. Jaakko Rytsola - € 57,380

Another victim of the Finnish system of fines based on income was Jaakko Rytsola's brother Antti Rytsola, who received a bill of € 57,380 after giving proper use of the accelerator Lamborghini. The two brothers had made ​​millions in internet business and were correspondingly high costs for their love of speed.

2. Anssi Vanjoki - € 79,225

In 2000 the vice-president of Nokia Anssi Vanjoki was caught by police driving his Harley-Davidson to an illegal speed through Helsinki. Based on its high yield, the court fined him for € 79,225. However, the manager was not an easy prey and filed for appeal, which eventually result in a reduction of the fine to € 4,034.

1. Jussi Salonoja - € 153,834
World's weirdest and strictest motoring laws
The fine highest recorded to date, a staggering € 153,834, was issued Jussi Salonoja 27 years of age, in Finland, who had the "misfortune" of having a balance of 8.8 million euros in the bank account. The fine was based on income and not on speeding. Traveling at 80km / h in an area of 40km / h would probably lead to a much more modest amount in any other country.

Source: autovia.pt


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