10 Países mais saudáveis do Mundo (2012)

10 Healthiest countries in the World (2012)

Bjorn Otto, da Alemanha, na prova final de salto com vara masculino, em Londres, 10 de agosto de 2012
Germany is the 10th healthiest country in the world, according to the survey. The total score of health of the country is 88.81%. There, life expectancy at birth is 80.19 years, according to data from the CIA.

Sweden presented a score of 89.37% in health. The life expectancy is 81.18 years there, according to the CIA World Factbook. In 2009, 12% of adults were obese. The infant mortality rate reaches 2.74 children per thousand live births.

De Keukenhof, Lisse, Holanda
The Netherlands had a score of 88.40%. There, life expectancy at birth reached 80.91 years, according to the CIA. Health spending accounted for 10.8% of GDP in 2009.

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The country also appears among the siesta among the healthiest in the world, with a score of 91.26%, according to the ranking. Research has indicated that daytime sleep provides benefits on cardiovascular recovery after stress. Life expectancy at birth reached 81.27 years in the country.

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Despite being the scene of constant conflict, Israel occupies 6th place among the world's healthiest countries. Israel's score is 91.97%. Life expectancy at birth reached 81.07 years. The infant mortality rate is 4.07 deaths per thousand live births.

Nagoia, no Japão
The scoring of Japan was 91.08%. Life expectancy at birth is quite high, 83.91 years - reaching 87.43 years for women.

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In Switzerland, the score of health, according to the rankings, was 93.47%. Life expectancy at birth is 81.17 years. The infant mortality rate is 4.03 deaths per 1,000 live births.

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The country famous for liking for sports and contact with nature, health score was 93.19%. Life expectancy at birth is 81.9 years - For women reached 84.45 years. In 2009, government spending on health care reached 8.5% of GDP.

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The economic situation in Italy is not at all well, but the population at least, remains healthy. In the ranking, scores of health in Italy was 94.61%. Life expectancy at birth in Italy is 81.86 years.

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The scores of health Singapore was 92.52%. The ranking takes into account factors such as life expectancy at birth and infant mortality, causes of death, mortality rates by age and life expectancy at age 65, and risk factors such as cigarette smoking and booze, among others . In Singapore, the life expectancy is 83.75 years. That is, beyond a pulsating entrepreneurial environment, the country still leads among the healthiest.

Source: CIA World Factbook for 2012


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