10 Parques Temáticos mais visitados do Mundo

10 Most visited Theme Parks in the World

1. Magic Kingdom (U.S.)

It is the most famous of the four parks that make up Walt Disney World in Orlando. It shows the characters of all time, as well as fireworks and many attractions.

2. Disneyland (U.S.)

It is open from 1955. It is the first park of Walt Disney. The Adventures of Snow White and It's a Small World are two of the main attractions.

3. Disneyland Tokyo (Japan)

Sharing some of the toys you can find in other Disney parks, such as the Tower of Terror and the Temple of the Crystal Skull. Scary!

4. Tokyo Disney Sea (Japan)

It is the only water park in Disney. There is the Little Mermaid at home. The water rides take visitors to delirium. And often need to dry up!

5. Disneyland Paris (France)

It is what is closer to Portugal. It is the main park in Europe and welcomes visitors from all sides. It is said that there are plenty of princesses out there!

6. Epcot (U.S.)

The technology and space are the central themes of this Disney park. It is visited by a more adult audience.

7. Animal Kingdom (U.S.)

This park joins Mickey Mouse and Minnie to 250 animal species.

8. Hollywood Studios (U.S.)

Here you feel you are a true actor, surrounded by streets, scenery and action movies.

9. Universal Studios (Japan)

It is an imitation almost 100% of the U.S. park. The rollercoaster of Jurassic Park is the main attraction.

10. Islands of Adventure (U.S.)

The characters of the movies here are the main stars. Spider-Man, Jurassic Park and Harry Potter have become attractions and amusements.


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