10 Tubarões mais curiosos do Mundo

10 Most Curious Sharks of the World

Megamouth Shark

It has a large head with flexible lips that open one of the biggest mouths in the world.

Pilgrim Shark

The second largest fish in the world throws open its huge mouth to catch plankton.

Chain catshark

Chain dogfish 
Scyliorhinus retiferUnder blue light, this shark stains become fluorescent, emitting an eerie glow.

Whale Shark

The biggest shark and the biggest fish in the world. His huge body with yellow spots, is equipped with hundreds of rows of teeth - between 300 and 350.

Leopard Shark

Your skin resembles another fierce predator and works as a camouflage in bedrock.
Spotted wobbegong

Orectolobus maculatus. A shark flashy colored spots, which can survive in very shallow water.Epaulette shark
File:Hemiscyllium ocellatum Océanopolis.jpg
Hemiscyllium ocellatum. With a large black spot on the back, this shark painted coral seems to have a crosshair tattooed. With her ​​slender body, this shark can drag and climbing rock faces.


File:Swell Shark, San Clemente Island, California.jpg
Cephaloscyllium ventriosum. To escape predators, this shark can inflate its body until doubled in size, filling your stomach with air or water.

Great White Shark

File:White shark.jpg
The world's largest predatory fish. Famous for his technique of ambush their prey as they attack from below.

Shark Flathead

Or  Bull Shark or Zambezi Shark is a shark that can live in both salt water and fresh, or can live in rivers or lakes. Have been found in rivers Mississippi - USA, Amazonas - Brazil, Zambebe - Africa.

Source: discoverychannel.com


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