10 Aves mais rápidas do Mundo (velocidade média)

10 Fastest bird in the World (average speed)
But before ... you need to explain this:
The Peregrine Falcon is the fastest when it dives but that is not its true speed. (Can reach speed of over 320 Km an hour when diving for prey). When flying i.e if a Peregrine Falcon was to try and catch another bird in flight then the Falcom can not catch a Swift.
A Peregrine Falcon is usually clocked at about 50-60 MPH during average flight speeds.
A Swift depending on breed can move at about 80-100 MPH Average.
A Swift is the fastest animal on earth over distance that is Even faster than a cheetah on speed constant.

The Cheetah can reach a average of 70 MPH over a short burst, but as far as maintaining longer distances it averages down to 45 MPH which is still very fast.

It is a common concept that small birds fly faster than the large birds. True, the perfect example of this concept is Spine Tailed Swift, which is the fastest bird in the world. 

1. Spine Tailed Swift - 106 mph

Is the fastest bird in the world as it travels with a average speed of 171 km per hour. Spine tailed swift are mostly found in eastern and northern Australia. Most of the spine tailed swifts feed on flying insects, such as termites, ants, beetles and flies like other birds of its kind.

2. Frigate Bird - 95 mph
Is second fastest flying bird in the world which flies with a average speed of 153 km/h. These birds feed on sea food mostly fishes, jellyfish and squids. They are found mostly in North American and Central American countries.

3. Spur Winged Goose - 88 mph
File:Spur-winged Goose RWD4.jpg
Is the worlds third fastest flying bird. It can fly 142 kilometers per hour. They are the largest birds of goose family. Their natural habitat is seasonal and permanent wetlands. They are found mostly in African countries.

4. Red-Breasted Merganser - 80 mph
File:Red-breasted Merganser, juvenile.jpg
Can fly with a average speed of 129 km/h that is why it is ranked As the fourth fastest flying bird in the world. They are central American birds as well. They breed on aquatic fishes and frogs.

5. White Rumped Swift - 77 mph
The fifth fastest bird in the world with swifter speed of 129 Km/h. Live in Morroco and Spain, this bird breed mostly in sub-Saharan region. They eat insects which they catch with their small beak.

6. Canvasback Duck - 72 mph
File:Canvasaback (Aythya valisineria) RWD2.jpg
Are found in North American and Central American regions of the world. They can fly with a average speed of 124 kilometers per hour. It eats green aquatic vegetation. It is 13-19 inches in length with a wingspan of 34 inches.

7. Eider Duck - 70 mph
File:Somateria mollissima male..jpg
Are found in the Northern Hemisphere of the world. The average speed of this sharpest animal of the world is 113 km/h. It is the seventh fastest bird in the world.

8. Eurasian Teal - 68 mph
File:Flickr - Rainbirder - EurasianTeal in flight (cropped).jpg
Can fly with a average speed of 109 km/h therefore it is ranked as the eight fastest bird on the earth.

9. Mallard Duck - 65 mph
File:Flying mallard duck - female.jpg
File:Mallard in flight.jpg
Flies with a average speed of 105 km/h. The Mallard is 56–65 cm long, has a wingspan of 81–98 cm, and weighs 0.9–1.2 kg. It is highly migratory bird and breeds in central and north American regions.

10. Pintail Duck - 65 mph
The pintail is a type of duck with a population in Europe, Asia and North America. They are strong migratory birds that can travel from north to south. They can fly at a speed of 105 km.
Is the tenth sharpest animal which flies equally like Mallard. It breeds in the northern areas of Europe, Asia and North America.


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