10 Carros mais fiáveis ​​de 2012

10 Most reliable Cars of 2012
A major concern of consumers when buying a car, apart from efficiency, comfort and good looks, is the reliability of the car.
The German TÜV gathered data on defects within 7 million check-ups for vehicles. The TÜV report divided the models into 5 groups of 3, 5, 9, 7 to 11 years, and we filter these cars that have consistently met the best results.
10. Volkswagen Golf Plus
best Volkswagen Golf Plus
Small families will be happy to know that the slightly bigger brother of the Golf, Golf Plus, is in 10th place on the list. The model entered twice in the top 10 among newer vehicles up to 3 years is in 4th position in class and 5 years down the scale to position 9. .

9. Porsche Cayman / Boxster
best Porsche Cayman / Boxster
The Porsche brand is synonymous with quality German engineering and, apparently, their products will not disappoint the most demanding customers. In general, the Boxster and Cayman models collect a 9th position, with a 4th place among the cars with 3 years and an even better place for the class of 5 years with the 3rd position.

8. Toyota Prius
best Toyota Prius
The Prius hybrid is the first of several Toyotas this list. Eighth overall, is what performs best in class for 3 years and is in 2nd grade at 5 years. This causes the Japanese car is a compelling choice when looking for efficiency both ecological and economic.

7. Porsche 911
best Porsche 911
Money well spent is also the Porsche 911, the flagship of Stuttgart who gets a 7th place ahead of brothers Cayman and Boxster. The model benefits from its technical maturity and secures 1st place in groups of 9 and 11 years, giving reason to those who see the 911 as a passion and an investment.

6. Mazda 3
best Mazda 3
But supreme reliability comes the much lower prices here and we have to admit, the Japanese manufacturers dominate. The Mazda 3 is in sixth place overall, with an 8th place in the group 3 years, 10 in group 5 years and 6 when we talk about cars 7 years old.

5. Ford Fusion
best Ford Fusion
The Ford Fusion is the latest to fight for a place in the top 5 on behalf of the European manufacturers. The small minivan appears three times among the most reliable in 6th position up to 3 years, 10 th among group members 7 years and stand up in 7th place in the group of 9 years.

4. Mazda 2
best Mazda 2
From this moment Japan is a leader. The little Mazda 2 makes its bigger brother Mazda 3 back and take another step toward the podium with a 4th place overall. In the 3 years the model ranks second in group 5 years comes in at 6 and 7 years group collects 7th position.

3. Toyota Avensis
best Toyota Avensis
Those looking for a spacious car and reliable family-oriented trims and luggage space can be tempted by the Avensis. The Toyota model opens the podium and convinces with a 10th place in the group of up to 5 years, 5 in group 7 years and 9 in the group of up to 9 years.

2. Toyota RAV4
best Toyota RAV4
The third Toyota on this list and 2nd in the general classification is the RAV4. The crossover cements the 4th position in the group of 5 years, 3rd in group 7 years and is 2nd among cars 9 years. Like wine, this model seems to get better with age, so think carefully before changing the sound quality here is something new and flashy, but less mature.

1. Toyota Corolla
best Toyota Corolla
This model leads all studies of reliability, but of course it also has less positive points, such as ... design. But being the only car that goes 5 times in the top 10, may well justify their laurels. This model has above average results in all groups.

Source: autovia.pt


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