10 Cidades mais congestionadas da Europa (2012)

10 Most congested traffic cities in Europe (2012)
10. Stockholm - SwedenStockholm
Stockholm has a 30% increase congestion at rush hour. The city suffers especially with Scandinavian drivers who are headed north of Stockholm from the south and they are forced to pass through the center of town and enter the local traffic.

9. Hamburg - Germany
The port city of Hamburg appears in ninth place of the most congested cities in Europe. In rush hour traffic increases 32% and the bridges, tunnels and canals of the city do not seem to be sufficient to meet the daily traffic within the city where you installed the largest German port.

8. Brussels - Belgium
The transit of Brussels was once considered the worst in Europe and the citizens blame the high density of cars in the city, 2 million people entering the city by car every day, the traffic lights are not synchronized and the concentration of companies and government institutions in small town center. Things have improved, but still there seems to be much to do.

7. Stuttgart - Germany
Stuttgart is Germany's most congested city according to this ranking. Maybe it's because some car brands are there, but the truth is that at peak traffic increases 33%. It seems that everyone likes to drive there ... Porsche and Mercedes should be ashamed!

6. Paris - France
Paris is not only love and gourmet cuisine, because when it comes to traffic is one of the most congested cities in Europe. The French capital can make you lose 70 hours a year, if you lead by example on Tuesdays between 8:00 and 9:00 am. Say goodbye to "Vie en Rose."

5. Rome - Italy
Known for heavy traffic, drivers "motorcycle" and car accidents, Rome suffers from the Italian driving carefree attitude. In peak hours the streets are occupied 34% more than in normal times and lead the people in "out of the way!" If you're thinking lead to Rome, well, maybe you should think twice.

4. Palermo - Italy
The Sicilian city of Palermo is the fourth most congested city in Europe. With poor quality roads, a chaotic organization and too many uncontrollable Italian drivers behind the wheel until the very Italian mafia should be afraid to venture into such chaotic traffic conditions.

3. Marseille - France
Marseille, where the residents' car trips are on average 40% longer than when traffic is good and who gets to take 80% more power at peak times! The situation has worsened due to many development works infrastructure underground, so there is still a glimmer of hope!

2. Warsaw - Poland
The lack of a ring road causes traffic Warsaw go straight to the heart of the city, worsening traffic problems in the city center. In rush hour traffic increases 45% with the city having to deal with the Poles but also with traffic coming from Germany or other Western European countries.

1. Istanbul - Turkey
Istanbul is the flagship of Europe when it comes to transit. At peak time traffic rises 57% and all major activities located in the city center all converge to the same place. In addition the city is surrounded by water, with only two bridges to get to the center of what makes a true gridlock hell on earth.

Source: tomtom.com


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