10 Impostos mais absurdos do mundo

10 Most absurd Taxes in the World

1. Tax to be beautiful

In Japan, Takuro Morinaga, a renowned economist, proposed the implementation of a fee to all single men and physically attractive. The proposal also includes a tax cut for men less attractive physically. To decide who has to pay would be a jury of five women.

2. Tax for possession and consumption of drugs

In the North American state of Tennessee between 2005 and 2009, the government charged a fee to all who were caught with banned substances. It was decided that people had the right to carry and consume a certain amount of drugs since they paid between three and 200 dollars.
3. Tax products with saturated fat
As a control measure to prevent overweight and obesity, the Danish government announced in October 2011 a surcharge on foods that contain saturated fats like butter or oil.

4. Imposed by the emission of gases from domestic cattle

The owners of livestock in Ireland and Denmark are required to pay a tax of not more than 13 euros, the flatulence of their animals. This tax emerged following a study that found that the gases emitted by cows contain a lot of carbon dioxide.

5. Tax witches and fortune tellers

In Bucharest, capital of Romania, the government decided in 2011 that people who dedicate themselves to divination or sorcery must pay a tax of 16% of its revenues. In protest, the people engaged in the activity gathered in front of parliament and threatened to cast curses and spells.

6. Tax obesity

In the Philippines discussed the proposal to implement a tax on citizens who do not control the weight, as an incentive to do more exercise and healthy eating. The measure was not approved because it was considered discriminatory.

7. Tax hats

Between 1784 and 1811, the British government imposed a tax on the use and sale of hats man.

8. Tax to unload the toilet

Since 2005, the citizens of Maryland pay three dollars for each water discharge made. The government was considering increasing the rate by but did not consider unfair, since it is a physiological need.

9. Tax on the windows
File:Windows in Brighton Street, Edinburgh.jpgFile:Window Tax.jpg
By the late seventeenth century, King William III of England, charging a fee for each window that had a house. The money from this fund was used to finance the war in the country. However, he was not alone. In Mexico, Antonio López de Santa Anna applied the same tax on doors and windows.

10. Tax tattoos

In the U.S. state of Arkansas since 2002 that anyone getting a tattoo have to pay a fee of 6% of the total value. The amount is paid to local experts who deliver the government later.

Source: 10puntos.com


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