10 Maiores Animais Marinhos

10 Largest Marine Animals
Ocean scary

1. Blue Whale - 30 meters
SCIENTIFIC NAME - Balaenoptera musculus
WHERE TO LIVE - In all oceans
With 150 tons and 30 meters long, the blue whale was heavily hunted during the first half of the 20th century. So today is still considered an endangered species.

2. Lion´s Mane Jellyfish - 30 metersjellyfish Lion´s
SCIENTIFIC NAME - Cyanea arctica
WHERE IT LIVES - North Atlantic
This jellyfish has "only" 2 meters in diameter, but its tentacles reach 30 meters, the height of a ten story building! She can scare up by size, but it is not the most dangerous jellyfish. A wasp species sea-(Chinorex fleckeri), for example, is much more lethal.

3. Whale Shark - 18 meters

SCIENTIFIC NAME - Rhincodon typus
WHERE IT LIVES - and warm temperate seas
Within the group of fish, the whale shark is the number 1, which may be up to three times larger than the dreaded white shark. Despite its size, is harmless to humans - it feeds on plankton, small fish and squid.

4. Colossal Squid or Giant Squid - 13 meters
SCIENTIFIC NAME - Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni
WHERE TO LIVE - Antarctica
A prince among snails was only discovered in 1925 when her tentacles were found in the stomach of a sperm whale. It is rare to be seen because it lives in abyssal depths. Another squid, the giant of the Pacific (Architeuthis sp.) Can also reach out to 13 meters.

5. Orca - 8 meters

SCIENTIFIC NAME - Orcinus orca
WHERE TO LIVE - In all oceans
Despite being known as "killer whale", the killer whale is actually a dolphin - the biggest one. She was given that nickname by his large size and voracious predator that be a hunting penguins, seals, sea lions, dolphins and even other fish.

6. Crocodile Porosus or Saltwater Crocodile - 7 meters

SCIENTIFIC NAME - Crocodylus porosus
WHERE TO LIVE - Indian Ocean
Why live in rivers and swamps, the crocodile-porous is not an exclusively marine animal, but he is seen too often in shallow seas - so it is also called Crocodile Navy. It is the largest reptile found in saltwater.

7. Elephant Seal - 6.5 meters
Mirounga leonina male
SCIENTIFIC NAME - Mirounga sp.
WHERE IT LIVES - North Pacific (California region) and Antarctica
The elephant seal is the largest animal among aquatic mammals pinnipeds - a group that includes seals and walruses. Males of the species can weigh 3.5 tonnes and are aggressive. At the time of rank, love to hunt fish, squid and octopus.

8. Sea Serpent or Black-banded sea krait - 2.5 meters
Laticauda semifasciata
SCIENTIFIC NAME - Laticauda semifasciata
WHERE TO LIVE - Seas of East Asia and Australia
There are 61 types of sea snakes in the world, and this is one of the largest species. His venom becomes more powerful than the land of snakes!

9. AtanticTarpon - 2.5 meters
SCIENTIFIC NAME - Megalops atlanticus
WHERE TO LIVE - Atlantic Ocean
The Atlantic tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) inhabits coastal waters, estuaries, lagoons, and rivers. The tarpon feeds almost exclusively on schooling fish and occasionally crabs. It is capable of filling its swim bladder with air, like a primitive lung. This gives the tarpon a predatory advantage when oxygen levels in the water are low. Tarpons have been recorded at up to 2.5 m (8 ft 2 in) in length and weighing up to 161 kg (350 lb). The Atlantic tarpon is also known as the silver king.

10. Leatherback sea turtle - 2.1 meters
SCIENTIFIC NAME - Dermochelys coriacea
WHERE TO LIVE - Tropical Seas
Increased sea turtles, it can weigh more than 500 pounds and is believed to have appeared on Earth more than 1 million years. Capable of diving to 1200 meters deep, it makes long ocean crossings and only back to shore to lay their eggs.

Source: wikipedia.org


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