10 Mais bizarros Cursos Universitários do Mundo

10 Most Bizarre College Courses of the World

Cowboys, Samurai And Manly Men
Cowboys, Samurai and Manly Men is a core course offered at OXI Occidental College. Who would win in a fight, cowboy or samurai? Your grade may depend on the answer!

Surviving The Coming Zombie Apocalypse: Catastrophes & Human Behaviorzombie college class
If you were already preparing for the coming zombie apocalypse, or whatever you want to call the fallout of bath salts, Michigan State offers an online class to perfect your preparedness skills. The course begins and ends with a “Catastrophic Event Simulation” that causes a zombie pandemic.

A favorite of EDM enthusiasts at UCLA, the final for the History of Electronic Dance Music consists of attending a rave, waving your glow sticks, and writing a paper about your experience.

’Cuz your waist is small and your curves are kickin’ and I’m thinkin’...I wish I could take this course at UCLA this fall. But it’s only open to freshmen, and no, it’s not taught by Sir Mix A Lot. It’s an interestingly-named course to help freshman eat well during their first year away from mom’s cooking.

Georgetown’s Philosophy of Star Trek Course consists of watching Star Trek and entering deep conversations about metaphysics.

Far Side Entomology is a legendary course that has long been offered by OSU - Oregon State University. Professor Gary Larson uses cartoons to pique his students’ interest.

This environmental studies course offered at Centre College in Kentucky surprisingly focuses on a reading of Kant’s Critique of Judgement and of course gets students out of the classroom to take actual walks on sidewalks.

While taking this class with Dr. Dre would by my preference, I could settle for learning about the artists that influenced hip hop at Oberlin College. 

How could knitting get any better? By being a college class! Last spring Oberlin College offered Knitting for N00bs for those unskilled knitters in need of scarves.

Garbage is not exactly joyous in Michal Strutin's Environmental Science course. Eager students explore the fates of organic and non-organic garbage and search for sustainable solutions to waste problems. You can enroll if you go to Santa Clara University.

Source: takepart.com


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