10 Mais poderosas Aves de Rapina do Mundo

10 Most Powerful Birds of Prey World
The birds of prey are fascinating and so are some of the largest, most powerful and most spectacular birds of prey in the world.

10. Martial Eagle

The Martial Eagle is the largest eagle in Africa, with a wingspan of 2.6 meters and weigh about 6.2 kg. It is easily recognizable by its spotted back. A very aggressive predator, the Martial Eagle feeds on anything that might catch on, as other birds, baboons, antelopes, and even lion cubs! Although capable of killing animals much larger than itself, rarely does, simply because you can not charge for a tree, and eat on the floor can be very dangerous because they may have other predators around.

9. Steller's Sea Eagle

This is the largest and least known about the famous American Bald Eagle. Found in Russia and Japan, feeds mainly on fish, but sometimes attacks other large birds such as swans (which can be a very dangerous prey, by the way!), And even smaller animals. It is also a scavenger, feeding on any dead animal they could find.

8. Blakiston's Fish Owl
The Owl Blakiston is possibly the largest bird in the world. Found in Siberia and Japan, this magnificent bird has a wingspan of 2 meters and weigh up to 4.5 kg. It feeds mainly on fish, but also eat mammals and birds occasionally. In the past researchers accreditavam these owls were gregarious, the truth is that they are usually found alone or in pairs, and they only get together in large numbers when food is scarce (during a very hard winter, for example).

7. Golden Eagle
Found in North America, Eurasia and North Africa, the Golden Eagle is one of the most formidable aerial predators in the world, that usually feeds on rabbits, hares and large birds, but has also been known to hunt foxes, sheep and young goats and even adult deer and reindeer. In Kazakhstan, where the Golden Eagles are known as Berkut, they are trained by nomadic hunters to hunt wolves! They also hunt and eat other birds of prey.

6. Philippine Eagle
The Philippine eagle is one of several large eagles adapted to hunt in densely forested. This species is found only in the Philippines, where he became a national symbol. It can weigh up to seven pounds, has a wingspan of 2 meters and a spectacular "mane". Feed primarily monkeys, lemurs (colugos), large bat, and even dogs and pigs. There is no record of her having attacked humans (although more than once, rumors of Philippine eagles snatching children there).

5. Harpy Eagle
She is often called the most powerful eagle in the world, weighing up to 9 pounds and measuring 105 cm in length. Their claws are longer than the claws of a bear, and powerful, they can break a man's arm or even perforate the skull if he wanted. Fortunately, the harpy never attacks humans (except to protect their nest). In some parts of southern Mexico, Central America and South America, has stories that harpy has enraptured children, but this was never confirmed. They mainly feed on monkeys, sloths and large birds like macaws and iguanas.

4. Bearded Vulture

Also known as "break-bone" is one of the largest birds of prey, but less known in the world. It is found in Europe, Asia and Africa. It can weigh up to 8 kg and has a wingspan of over 3 meters. The break-bone are primarily scavengers, they are known to pick the bones of dead animals and dropping them from great heights, repeatedly if necessary, on a hard surface, such as a cliff or a large rock. When the bone is broken, the vulture feeds on the highly nutritious marrow. They are also known to kill turtles and their shells break, doing the exact same thing. According to a legend, the Greek playwright Aeschylus died when a turtle "fell from heaven" and hit her head. Some people believe that the culprit "was a Bearded Vulture that mistook Aeschylus' bald head with a stone."

3. Lappet Faced Vulture
The Lappet Faced Vulture is a found in African savannas and Saudi. Although rarely mentioned among the largest flying birds, are they really as big as the American condor, with a wingspan of 3 meters and weigh up to 14 kgs. They also have powerful beaks like condors. This is because, unlike the condors, which are scavengers full time, Lappet faced vulture is also an opportunistic predator, feeding on any animal that can subdue. It has been known to kill young gazelles and antelopes, as well as flamingos.

2. Eurasian Eagle Owl
Found in the forests and mountains of Asia and Europe, the Eurasian Eagle Owl has been called the "equal night for the Golden Eagle", and rightly so. Weighing up to 4.3 kg, with a wingspan of 2 meters, these owls are among the largest and most powerful, and although they mainly feed on rodents, rabbits and hares, also have been known to hunt foxes and even deer! They are also known to kill and eat other birds of prey, both diurnal as nocturnal (including some types of eagles).

1. African Crowned Eagle
Found in the rainforests of tropical Africa, measuring about 90 cms long and has a wingspan of 2 meters. However, it is known that animals can hunt up to 35 kgs! This powerful eagle is known for aggressive and Africans as "leopard air." Is your main weapon is its deadly claws, which are strong enough to crush the skull of a monkey (their favorite prey), killing her instantly and sometimes making the eyes pop out of their sockets! Not even a monkey as the largest chuck, this insurance Crowned Eagle attack, although usually only juvenile mandrills are hunted.


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