10 Marcas de moda de Luxo mais valiosas do Mundo

10 Valuable Luxury Fashion brands of the World

10. Ermenegildo Zegna 

This family-owned luxury brand has been around for almost a century, going back to 1910. It caters to men through over 500 boutiques worldwide producing suits, fabric, accessories, shoes, leather goods.

9. Giorgio Armani

From haute couture, shoes, watches and jewellery, this international Italian fashion house also contributes to home furnishings.

8. Fendi
Making it to the top 10 most valuable luxury fashion brands of the World Luxury Association, Fendi is an Italian fashion house best known for its baguette handbags.

7. Prada
The Italian fashion label is known for its luxury leather accessories, shoes, luggage and hats for men and women.

6. Versace
Known for it's classic Greek pattern, a while back, the Donatella Versace headed Versace collaborated with H&M. It also rolled out its Kids collection late last year.

5. Ferragamo
Among a host of celebrities, Abhishek Bachchan was lucky to be the only Indian actor ever to receive the 'made to order' shoes from Ferragamo. And his shoe lasts have found a place in the Ferragamo museum in Florence, Italy.

4. Christian Dior
Last year in December the brand celebrated 20 years in the fashion industry. Along with a book, the brand also released a short film on what went on behind the scenes.

3. Louis Vuitton
Almost a must-have in every closet, demand for Louis Vuitton's monogrammed products landed the luxury brand in third place.

2. Chanel
Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel's head designer, has taken the label places. From his numerous global interpretations, we love how he turned his inspiration from World into an entire show.

1. Hermes

One of the most popular luxury brands, Hermes has quite the fan following across the globe. From Victoria Beckham who owns several Birkin bags fashionistas, no doubt it now is the most valuable luxury brand.


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