10 Países com mais Bilionários no Mundo

10 Countries with the most Billionaires in the World

10. Canada
David Thomson
Billionaire count: 40 
Total wealth: $105 billion 

With 40 billionaires, Canada is home to the eighth largest population of ultra-rich individuals, or those with $30 million or more in total assets. 
David Thomson (pictured).

9. Brazil
Eike Batista
Billionaire count: 49 
Total wealth: $300 billion 

Brazil is the only Latin American country to make the list of the top 10 countries with the most billionaires, even though the region’s ultra-wealthy population increased by 3.5 percent this year. Brazil ranks ninth in the world for its ultra-rich population of 4,640. These are people who are worth $30 million and more. 
Eike Batista (pictured).

8. Switzerland

Billionaire count: 57 
Total wealth: $125 billion 

Known as the playground of the rich and famous, Switzerland is eighth in the global billionaire sweepstakes and ranks seventh as the home of those worth $30 million and more, or the ultra-wealthy. 

7. Hong Kong
Li Ka-shing
Billionaire count: 64 
Total wealth: $190 billion 

As one of Asia’s key financial centers, Hong Kong is also home to some of the richest people with a billionaire count of 64.
 Li Ka-shing (pictured).

6. Russia
Vladimir Lisin
Billionaire count: 97 
Total wealth: $380 billion 

Russia comes in at sixth for the most billionaires, despite its ultra-rich population seeing the biggest erosion in wealth this year among the countries in this list. 
Vladimir Lisin (pictured).

5. India
Billionaire count: 109 
Total wealth: $190 billion 

India, together with its BRIC peers — Brazil, Russia, and China — makes a big part of the top 10, highlighting the scale of wealth being created in emerging economies. Asia’s third largest economy, together with Japan and China, accounts for about 75 percent of the region’s ultra-rich population. 

4. Germany
Billionaire count: 137 
Total wealth: $550 billion 

Germany is the only euro zone country to make the list of the most billionaires, bucking the trend of declining wealth in the majority of the bloc’s nations. 

3. United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Billionaire count: 140 
Total wealth: $430 billion 

The United Kingdom has the largest number of billionaires in Europe, beating Germany by three, but it still lags Germany in terms of total wealth of the group by $120 billion. 

2. China
Billionaire count: 147 
Total wealth: $380 billion 

China ranks second in the world when it comes to the number of billionaires, but in terms of total wealth, the country is behind Germany and the U.K., tying with Russia for fourth spot. 

1. United States
United States
Billionaire count: 480 
Total wealth: $2.05 trillion 

The United States still leads the world with its billionaire tally, far outpacing its closest competitor China with a whopping 333 more billionaires. 

Source: cnbc.com


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