10 Cervejarias mais antigas do Mundo

10 Oldest Brewery of the World

11. Rhanerbräu - (1283) Germany 
10. Fürstenberg - (1283) Germany

The Princely Fürstenberg Brewery (Fürstlich Fürstenbergische Brauerei KG) was founded in Donaueschingen, Germany in 1283 by the Princely House of Fürstenberg. Heineken acquired the brewery in October 2004 through their Brau Holding International AG company which is co-owned by Schörghuber.

The brewery produces Fürstenberg Gold, and Qowaz, a drink made from a mix of wheat beer, cola and lemongrass.

9. Hirter - (1270) Austria

Hirter Beer is a brand of beer production, a secret brewery in Carinthia and has existed since 1270. The special thing about beer is Hirter mild flavor and fine bitter first and sweet harmonica. Beer Hirter has a half-length and is totally natural, without pasteurization.

8. Aldersbach - (1268) Germany
Aldersbach Abbey (Kloster Aldersbach) is a former Cistercian monastery in the community of Aldersbach in the district of Passau in the valley of the Vils, Lower Bavaria, Germany.

7. Privat-Brauerei Bolten - (1266) Germany
The history of private brewery Bolten begins in 1266. At this time, Henry was the founder of the brewery, the brewer of the reign Myllendonk granted the right to brew beer on the Kraushof Korschenbroich. To date, the Kraushof the seat of the brewery, and thus the seat of the oldest dark beer brewery in the world.
For generations not only the brewery was transferred to the descendants, but passed the skilled art of brewing and preserved up to the present time. This will not change under the new owner, Michael Hollmann.

6. Tongerlo - (1133) Belgium
Tongerlo Tripel Blond
The date on the label of the Tongerlo beer says 1133. Apparently true.
The monastic community of the Norbertine Abbey of Tongerlo was founded in the same year, and like all good monks, they didn’t mess around in getting the beers brewed. We have Abbot Waltman and Bishop Burchard of Kamerijk to thank for this, and the subsequent rise of Tongerlo abbey as a powerful centre of religion and culture.

5. Arolser - (1131) Germany
In 1131 here lived the noble widow of Gepa Aroldessen. She was with her three unmarried daughters remained the last of their race. How about at that time was common for single ladies, the four wanted to spend their twilight years in a monastery. To this end, they converted their ancient seat of power to a monastery and soon found many sisters.

During Lent allowed her vow not to eat solid food. They were brewing in the first year as a nutritious substitute beer "liquid bread".

4. Grimbergen - (1128) Belgium
Grimbergen is a group of Belgian abbey beers. The name refers to the abbey that Saint Norbert of Xanten built for the Premonstratensian (Norbertine) canons regular in Grimbergen in 1128 and where the beer was first brewed. They became famous for providing hospitality and their home-brewed beer to visitors, and handed down the recipe over the centuries. The beers are now brewed by Alken Maes brewery group. The varieties are: Blond, Dubbel (brown), Tripel (blond), Optimo Bruno (brown), and the latest innovation Grimbergen Gold (blond). A 'limited edition' Christmas Beer (Brassin de Noël) is sometimes produced for the year-end festivities.

3. Affligem brewery - (1074) Belgium
The Op-Ale brewery in Opwijk Belgium was licenced by the Affligem Abbey to brew beers under the Affligem Abbey brand name, along with their own Op-Ale, as well as beers under the brand name of the Postel Abbey. Affligem was taken over by Heineken who renamed it the Affligem brewery.

The brewery produces a range of beers, including Affligem Blonde, a 6.8% pale ale; Affligem Dubbel, a 7% dubbel, Affligem Tripel, a 9.5% tripel and Affligem Patersvat, a 6.8% belgian ale.

2. Weltenburger - (1050) Germany

1. Weihenstephan - (1040) Germany


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