10 Curiosidades sobre Tubarões

10 Fun facts about Sharks

10. The Eighth Sense
Cool Shark Facts
Humans get freaked out by a "sixth sense," but sharks have three more sense organs than we do: lateral line, pit organs and ampullae of Lorenzini. These allow them to sense things around them without touching, hearing or seeing them. They're more "aware" than a Buddhist monk.

9. It's a Hard-Knock life for sharks

As soon as sharks are born, they have to fend for themselves. Mother sharks don't feed or care for their babies. They can literally claim to be hustling straight out of the womb.

8. Sharks hear prey from half a mile away

Even if they don't smell blood, sharks can still hear a fish swimming up to a mile away. We're lucky sharks don't talk, otherwise they'd be the most opinionated music critics on the planet.

7. Sharks can go months without eating

Great whites are known to go three months without eating, with the record being held by a swell shark, who was observed fasting for 15 months. Too bad sharks aren't smarter because with all that free time not spent eating, they'd have plenty of time for hobbies.

6. Sharks smell blood from three miles away
Cool Shark Facts
Great whites can detect 1 drop of blood in 25 gallons of water and can sense even tiny amounts of blood in the water up to 3 miles away. Can you imagine being able to smell a cheeseburger three miles away?

5. Sharks never sleep
Cool Shark Facts
Your coworker who kills it in the office is said to never sleep, but that's a lie. Sharks actually never sleep. They occasionally rest on the sea floor, but their eye will never stop following you. A shark as your boss would be horrible. He would never understand why you have to rest. Plus, he'd eventually eat you.

4. Sharks are literally "cold blooded" killers

The scientific word is poikilothermic, meaning that their internal body temperature matches that of their environment. Ice water runs in their veins -- as long as they're swimming in icy water.

3. Sharks are built for speed and durability
Cool Shark Facts
Unlike bony fish and terrestrial vertebrates, sharks have a skeleton made of cartilage. Not only is it flexible and durable, it's half the density of bone and much lighter. They're like water Porsches designed by nature.

2. Sharks possess a conveyor belt of teeth

Sharks grow multiple rows of replacement teeth, which steadily move forward throughout their life. Some sharks lose 30,000 or more teeth in their lifetime. Can you imagine never having to worry about flossing or brushing your teeth again? What's the point, new ones are coming within a week.

1. Sharks have been around for more than 420 million years
Cool Shark Facts
Those ancient sharks look very different than what we know as sharks now, but they're still in the same family. It's impressive to think of anything surviving that long and continuing their line. By comparison, modern humans date back perhaps 60,000 years. Even modern sharks have been around 100 million years.


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