10 Empresas Globais mais "verdes" em 2012

10 Global Green Companies of the World (2012)
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The Nipponese companies are at the forefront of green technologies, although its administrators lunchtime eat succulent chunks of whale fished illegally in international waters by vessels using polluting combustion engines ..... is this is a correct policy? or just hide the sun with a sieve?

10. BMW - Bayerische Motoren Werke
BMWi3 electric car Comcept
Having already won Green-Car-Guide.com Greenest Manufacturer of the Year back in April, the German auto-company has truly embraced sustainability throughout its operations; removing waste and introducing alternative energy to its production plants, committing to greater fuel efficiency goals for its engines and launching an eco ‘i’ range with two electric hybrids scheduled for next year. 

9. Danone
Activia packaging with "green plastic"
The French company behind famous brands such as Evian, Actimel and Activia has finally broken into the top ten this year thanks to a continued effort to become more sustainable. Its dual focus on economic and social value has seen Danone, for example, reduce overall packaging and raise its use of recyclable materials, regularly being ranked among the best local employers and invest in rural communities. 

8. Siemens

In the years since Siemens began to embrace green technology, the company has earned an impressive collection of sustainability awards and accolades. Though negative past stories and publicity have come back to haunt the German conglomerate recently, (attributed to it dropping five places from last year), Siemens is working hard to rectify the problems highlighted and improve its ranking for 2013.

7. Dell

Andrew Martin, Dell Reconnect project manager at the Goodwill donation center on Industrial Boulevard, walks through bins of sorted computer parts Wednesday. When enough computers and peripherals are gathered, Goodwill ships them off to Dell, which then reimburses the organization per pound of goods collected.
Though it may not be perfect, this computer technology company has a raft of sustainable initiatives implemented throughout its operations, ranging from replacing existing packaging materials with bio-degradable alternatives and offering more energy efficient laptops and desktops, to setting up Dell Reconnect points to simplify the recycling of its equipment and establishing an ‘Air to Sea’ logistics initiative. 

6. Panasonic

Managing to raise its position the highest amount out of the whole top ten, last year’s number 10 has aspirations to become the ‘Number 1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry’. Though they may not be alone in chasing the title, Panasonic has given itself a solid foundation for future sustainability managing to accrue an impressive amount of eco-awards and achievements in recent years.

5. HP - Hewlett-Packard
One of the world’s largest technology companies is also one of the greenest, becoming a champion for reducing industries consumption of energy, utilities, paper, waste and CO2. Committed to not only becoming more sustainable itself, but to its customers as well, HP operates a long-standing recycling program and offer ever-more efficient products initiative. 

4. VW - VolksWagem

Dedicated to producing vehicles which are ever-more fuel efficient and cleaner for the environment, the German manufacturer backs up what could be just empty claims with substantial investments and real innovation. To date, Volkswagen already has a varied range of hybrid and electric vehicles, more sustainable production processes, moved into renewable energy and launched the ‘Think Blue’ innovation philosophy in the US. 

3. Honda

In a top ten dominated by automotive manufacturers embracing alternatively-fuelled vehicles, Honda was the first to offer a mass-production hybrid model for the US and Europe, back in 1999, and hasn’t looked back since. To coincide with continuous improvement throughout its own organisation, the launch of the ‘Fit EV’ next year could finally prove to be the tipping point for electric vehicles, making them more accepted by the mainstream and commercially viable as a result. 

2. Johnson & Johnson

With over two decade’s experience of implementing environmental initiatives, Johnson & Johnson constantly strives to make its organisation more socially sustainable and responsible. The company estimates its many varied products are used by almost one billion people every year and has put a greater emphasis on producing greener products with extended lives, earning it the status of ‘Champion of Change’ at this year’s CleanMed conference. 

1. Toyota

Last year’s number one retains not only the Interbrand top spot, but a host of similar lists from across the globe. Pioneering the lean philosophy during the 1990s, the entire Toyota ethos revolves around innovation, efficiency, streamlining processes, the removal of waste and a dedication to sustainable practices. With a brand that has become synonymous with hybrid vehicles, due to the huge success of the Toyota Prius, Toyota has plans to offer its entire range with a Hybrid Synergy Drive option within the next 20 years. The auto-manufacturer has become a world leader in environmentally friendly vehicle technologies and continues to make significant investments in research & development, and pioneer the very latest eco-technologies. One of the world’s largest and most successful companies, Toyota stands as a stark example to those who think that true innovation and organisational consistency can only be achieved by smaller, less diversified businesses.

Source: Interbrand.com


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