10 Leis Rodoviárias Absurdas (Edição Animal)

10 Absurd Laws Road (Animal Edition)
We can assure you that some lawmakers were creative, especially the Americans, because some of them did not forget to include our animal friends. Some laws were created to protect them and some can not even find rational justification for its existence.
This is not a joke, are laws seriously.

10. South Africa

South Africa is synonymous with wildlife. The country has about 10% of all known species of plants on Earth, and a wide variety of mammals that sometimes like to appear in the cities to make a visit to fellow humans. To show proper respect was established that it is not illegal to stop or slow down if there are animals crossing the road. Bravo!

9. Alaska - Dogs

The people of Alaska should be full of very nice people, once they decided to make it illegal to tie a dog to the roof of a car. Still, not everyone thinks this makes sense, does not it Mr. Romney?

8. California - Hares

A great example of legislators in California too creative. It is illegal to shoot hares from the backseat of the car. Maybe the goal here was to prevent a shootout-style gangsters of the '30s and '40s, or help decrease the rate of obsidade state, forcing the inhabitants to exercise a little more. We're curious!

7. Connecticut - Deer

The Connecticut is known as the land of certain habits and a state was influential in the development of the federal government of the country. Around here we think of these habits was to get in the car and take a trip to unbridled hunting, and perhaps walked to cause some problems, because it is now illegal to hunt from the car, even during deer hunting season.

6. Kansas - Birds

Kansas, the home state of Dorothy and her ruby ​​red shoes, is believed to have one of the most windy of the United States. One can not but wonder whether this had any influence on the laws in force in the state and that says it is illegal to transport dead birds along Kansas Avenue. We bet you did not want the smell to spread with the wind.

5. Florida - Elephants

The Florida to be the sunshine state, but never thought he'd ever been a savanna! And you may ask why? Well, there is a law that says if an elephant is tied to a parking meter, the parking fee has to be paid as in the case of a vehicle. Perhaps long ago people would use elephants instead of horses in Florida ... who knows!

4. Nevada - Camels

The state of Nevada is surrounded by the Mojave desert and mountains. So if you want to cross it prepares you for a long and lonely journey. But we regret to inform you that if you want to do you have to use good old car, because the state has banned the use camels as a means of transportation on the highway. But do not be sad, at least it will be a trip much faster!

3. Florida - Fish

Florida also is famous for its wildlife, alligators, swamps, flamingos and dolphins, so imagine what the locals like to fish too. But is this passion ever passed the limit of reasonable? Remains open, since it is currently illegal to fish while you are crossing a bridge by car. Probably would not be the easiest place to shoot where the fishing line!

2. California - Whales

California has quite a collection of road traffic laws at least bizarre. One prohibits any person to shoot wildlife from a moving vehicle (this part is not so crazy) unless the target is a whale (this part already ruins everything). Beware of these animals that we see every day on the street, the whales! Do not say we did not warn you ...

1. Pennsylvania - Horses

If you are thinking of doing a roadtrip in Pennsylvania, then there's something you should know. Any driver who sees a herd of horses to swerve off the road and shut the car with something that merges with the landscape and let the horses pass. If the horses are frightened show, then you have only and only to disassemble the car and hide the pieces! The poor horses ...

Source: autovia.pt


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