10 Maiores Universidades por inscrição (2012)

10 Largest Universities by enrollment
This list of largest universities by enrollment in the world includes total active enrollment across all campuses (including off campus study). Enrollment numbers listed are the sum of undergraduate and graduate students in active enrollment. Universities included below confer degrees of bachelor-level or higher and either share a central board of governance and a single chancellor or president, or confer degrees with the same institution name.
Many of these universities, particularly those in the United States, are actually systems of separate university campuses and may not accurately represent a comparable study body. For example, the enrollment listed for the University of California is the population of the entire student body in the University of California system, which is composed of several individual campuses statewide. All University of California campuses are entitled "University of California" and then denoted further by the campus location, such as "University of California, Irvine". Other states organize their public universities differently in ways that further complicate any direct comparisons.

1.Allama Iqbal Open University - Islamabad, Pakistan
File:Allama Iqbal Open University logo.png
Founded: 1974
Affiliation: Public
Enrollment: 3,806,214

2. Indira Gandhi National Open University - New Delhi, India
File:IGNOU logo.svg
Founded: 1985
Affiliation: Public
Enrollment: 3,500,000

3. Islamic Azad University - Tehran, Iran
File:Azad University Tehran BC logo.png
Founded: 1982
Affiliation: Private
Enrollment: 1,500,000

4. Anadolu University - Eskisehir, Turkey
Founded: 1958
Affiliation: Public
Enrollment: 1,141,180

5. Payame Noor University - Tehran, Iran
Founded: 1987
Affiliation: Public
Enrollment: 818,150

6. Bangladesh National University - Gazipur, Bangladesh
Founded: 1992
Affiliation: Public
Enrollment: 800,000

7. Universitas Terbuka - Jakarta, Indonesia
Founded: 1984
Affiliation: Public
Enrollment: 646,467

8. Bangladesh Open University - Gazipur, Bangladesh
Founded: 1992
Affiliation: Public
Enrollment: 600,000

9. Ramkhamhaeng University - Bangkok, Thailand

Founded: 1971
Affiliation: Public
Enrollment: 525,000

10. Tribhuvan University - Kirtipur, Nepal
Founded: 1959
Affiliation: Public
Enrollment: 500,000

11. University of Pune - Pune, India
File:Pune univ logo.png
Founded: 1948
Affiliation: Public
Enrollment: 496,531

12. University System of Ohio - Ohio, United States

Founded: 2007
Affiliation: Public
Enrollment: 478,000

Source: wikipedia.org


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