10 Maiores Vilões de Filmes de Terror

10 Major Villains of Horror Movies
Statistic which listed the ten most crazy who killed in horror movies. If you do not like counting at least have some tips of movies to watch on Halloween.

10. JOHN RYDER - Movie: The Hitcher
Calls ride and then kills the driver. In the 2006 film, the number of victims is approximate: a family of four and at least six policemen.
Total casualties: 18 *
Total movies: 2
Average per movie: 9
Death unforgettable: A girl tied to a wall and a truck, shattered when he accelerates.

9. HANNIBAL LECTER - Movie: The Silence of the Lambs
The brilliant psychiatrist who loves to eat human flesh helps police to arrest other murderers. Earned an Oscar Anthony Hopkins.
Total casualties: 23 *
Total movies: 5
Average per movie: 4.6
Death unforgettable: The cruel (and ingenious) way Lecter escapes from his cage in the original film.

8. THE FISHERMAN - Movie: I Know What You Did Last Summer
Here is a man efficient. Revenge on the gang that hit and not rescued, this villain was only in three films, but made several victims with his hook.
Total casualties: 24 *
Total movies: 3
Average per movie: 8
Death unforgettable: Max, dispatched with a hook on the chin (and no, it was a stroke of boxing).

7. JIGSAW - Movie: Saw
Terminal cancer patient, John Kramer "teach" others to value their own lives ... by placing them in cruel traps.
Total casualties: 25 *
Total movies: 7
Average per movie: 3.57
Death unforgettable: The "chair knives" in Saw 4, in which the victim mutilates his face.

6. CHUCKY - Movie: Child's Play
The world's scariest toy carries the spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray, a practitioner of black magic
Total casualties: 33 *
Total movies: 4
Average per movie: 8.25
Death unforgettable: Dr. Ardmore, electrocuted with a device shock therapy.

5. GHOSTFACE - Movie: Scream
In fact, seven different people use the mask of this serial killer - all of them linked to young Sidney Prescott, the town of Woodsboro.
Total casualties: 36 *
Total movies: 4
Average per movie: 9
Death unforgettable: Tatum, the "genius" that tried to escape through the exit of a dog electronic gate.

4. FREDDY KRUGER - Movie: A Nightmare on Elm StreetFile:Freddy Krueger.JPG
Son of a nun raped, beaten the adoptive father, a pimp. After torturing children, were burnt alive and asked the demons to be immortal.
Total casualties: 41 *
Total movies: 9
Average per movie: 4.55
Death unforgettable: Glen, the first feature: the bed swallowed up and spit out like a gush of blood.

3. LEATHERFACE - Movie: The Texas Chainsaw MassacreFile:Leatherface1974.jpg
One of the few cases based on a real serial killer, Ed Gein. In version was a moron who helped the family in a slaughterhouse.
Total casualties: 58 *
Total movies: 6
Average per movie: 9.67
Death unforgettable: Chrissie, shattered mercilessly in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.

Poster de «Texas Chainsaw »
Are not counted the casualties of the new film launched in January 2013, "Texas Chainsaw 3D."

2. MICHAEL MYERS - Movie: Halloween
The psychotic who killed his sister on Halloween has arrived to dispatch 20 victims in a single film. But in Halloween 3, he did not appear.
Total casualties: 106 *
Total movies: 10
Average per movie: 10.6
Death unforgettable: In Halloween 2, Myers applies an air syringe in the brain of a doctor.

1. JASON VOORHEES - Movie: Friday the 13th
Jason was a boy who drowned negligently monitors Camp Crystal Lake - which led his mother to take revenge by killing everyone who worked there, the first film in the series, 1980. Everything Jason did not kill that first long, offset in the following, all bathed in blood.
Total casualties: 157 *
Total movies: 12
Average per film: 13.08
Death unforgettable: Jason Allen rips the heart Howes chest with their hands in the sixth film in the franchise.

Sources: IMDB, Horror Movies Wikia and Friday the 13th Wikia (*) are also computed deaths attributed to the character, but not shown on stage, deaths in partnership with other murderers and suicides induced (such as Jigsaw).


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