10 Mais raros Anfíbios perdidos no Mundo

10 Rarest of the rarest lost amphibians
With more than a third of amphibian species under threat of extinction due to environmental change, Conservation International is appealing for anyone who has spotted a missing species to get in touch.

10. Rio Pescado stubfoot toad, Atelopus balios

Last seen in 1995 in Ecuador.

9. Scarlet harlequin frog, Atelopus sorianoi

Last seen in 1990 in Venezuela.

8. A Golden toad, Incilius periglenes

Last seen in Costa Rica in 1989.

7. A Gastric brooding frog mother with cub, Rheobatrachus vitellinus

Last seen in 1985 in Australia.

6. A Jackson's climbing salamander, Bolitoglossa jacksoni

Last seen in 1977 in Guatemala.

5. Samba stream frog, Ansonia latidisca

Last seen in 1966 in Malaysia.

4. Hula painted frog, Discoglossus nigriventer

Last seen in Israel in 1955.

3. African painted frog, Callixalus pictus

Last seen in 1950 in Rwanda.

2. Mesopotamia beaked toad, Rhinella rostrata

Last seen in 1914 in Colombia.

1. Turkesmanian salamander, Hynobius turkestanicus

Last seen in Turkmenistan in 1909.

Source: guardian.co.uk by conservation.org


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