10 + 2 Países mais Pobres do Mundo

10 + 2 Most Miserable Countries in the World

Misery Index.
As the Greek economy deteriorates further, the country's people have grown despondent over a lack of leadership and failed austerity measures.
But on a list of the most miserable countries in the world, Greece wouldn't even crack the worst 50. 
The misery index, a crude economic theory created by Arthur Orkum, sums a country's unemployment and inflation rates to assess conditions on the ground (the higher the number, the worse off a country is). 
The reasoning: you can tell a great deal about an economy by a soaring jobless rate and a population that can afford less and less of required goods.
Note: Results are based on CIA World Factbook data, which estimates figures for countries and territories that do not have reliable local reporting agencies.

10. Belarus
Misery index score: 53.4%
CPI inflation: 52.4%
Unemployment: 1.0%

9. Kosovo
Misery index score: 53.6%
CPI inflation: 8.3%
Unemployment: 45.3%

8. Nepal
Misery index score: 53.8%
CPI inflation: 7.8%
Unemployment: 46.0%

7. Yemen
Misery index score: 55.0%
CPI inflation: 20.0%
Unemployment: 35.0%

6. Namibia
Misery index score: 56.5%
CPI inflation: 5.3%
Unemployment: 51.2%

5. Djibouti
Misery index score: 66.0%
CPI inflation: 7.0%
Unemployment: 59.0%

4. Turkmenistan
Misery index score: 75.0%
CPI inflation: 15.0%
Unemployment: 60.0%

3. Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso
Misery index score: 80.6%
CPI inflation: 3.6%
Unemployment: 77.0%

2. Liberia
Misery index score: 95.0%
CPI inflation: 10.0%
Unemployment: 85.0%

1. Zimbabwe
Misery index score: 100.6%
CPI inflation: 5.6%
Unemployment: 95.0%

11. Lesotho
Misery index score: 52.2%
CPI inflation: 7.2%
Unemployment: 45.0%

12. Senegal
Misery index score: 51.4%
CPI inflation: 3.4%
Unemployment: 48.0%

Source: CIA Factbook and businessinsider.com


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