10 + 5 Museus Estranhos pelo Mundo

10 + 5 Strange Museums around the World
Museums are places to cultivate, appreciate works of art and learn about various subjects. But some are extravagant and amazing museums, and many of them receive thousands of visitors every year.

1. Museum of Tap Water, ChinaTap Water Museum
An old factory in central Beijing was transformed into a museum dedicated to everything that has to do with running tap water in the city. More than 130 pieces as old taps and mechanisms, and old advertisements of the first water company in Beijing. The funny thing is that city residents know very well that, not to risk their health, it is best to drink only bottled water.

2. MOBA (Bad Art Museum), United States
MOBA - Boston
At the Museum of Bad Art, more than 600 pieces that would be ridiculed in any museum have their place. Located in a former basement of the Dedham town, half an hour from Boston, the works are deemed "too bad to be ignored". Portraits, landscapes, still lifes, frame after frame, you'll see how tasteless can always reach higher levels in MOBA, for its acronym in English.

3. Museum of Collars, England
Collars Museum
More than half a million visitors annually lovers dogs visit the Museum of collars at Leeds Castle. You can see that since the dogs in the Middle Ages lived a life of luxury until the dogs of today, using sophisticated collars and accessories. Over a hundred of these collars, dating back to five centuries ago, are exposed in this beautiful castle county of Kent, southeast England.

4. Museum of Lawnmowers, England
Lawnmowers Museum
The British are known for being great lovers of gardening. But love goes beyond the gardens, and what for many would be just a banal instrument with little interest, becomes a museum piece at the Museum of lawn mowers, on the west coast of England. The museum has pieces such as the first lawnmower powered by the sun, or lawn mowers that had belonged to Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

5. Hair Museum, Turkey
Hair Museum
The small town of Avanos in central Turkey, is famous for its tradition in parts of clay. In recent years, however, gained fame for a very peculiar reason: a handicraft shop in clay created the Chez Galip bizarríssimo Hair Museum, with walls covered in hair samples of more than 16 000 women, with their names and addresses. Hair of all types, colors and styles can be found at this den of wigs.

6. The Phallus Museum, Iceland
Phallus Museum
Lose the shame and venture into the male first museum, the Museum of the Phallus town of Husavik in North Iceland. More than 276 penis, ranging from two millimeters member to colossal private parts of more than one and a half meters of a whale. This year, the museum received its first human penis, donated by a deceased Icelandic 95 years.

7. Bread Museum, Germany
Bread Museum
At first glance, breads seem common elements of everyday life. And they are, so they were part of everyday life for most of human history. The Bread Museum in Ulm city, 100 km from Stuttgart, southern Germany, honor this essential food. More than 18 000 objects tell the story of over 6000 years of bread, including works of art as Dalí, Man Ray and Picasso. Although the museum tourists leave your mouth watering, not a piece of bread is served during the visit.

8. Hall of Fame Underwear, United States
Lingerie Museum
The American lingerie store Frederick's of Hollywood has provided countless bras, panties and briefs celebrities of American cinema. In his shop on Hollywood Boulevard, while people shop on the ground floor, the first floor is dedicated to undergarments that belonged to celebrities like underwear worn by Tom Hanks in the movie Forrest Gump, or ultra sophisticated pieces worn years ago by Madonna , the queen of pop.

9. Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers, United States
Salt & Pepper Museum
The anthropologist Andrea Ludden has a great obsession with salt and pepper shakers. Besides being writing the encyclopedia of household objects, she constantly exposes its collection of more than 20,000 sets of salt and pepper shakers of all kinds in his museum. In the gift shop, guess what you find? Salt and pepper shakers, many of them replicas of exhibits. The museum is located in the city of Gatlinburg, in the U.S. state of Tennessee.

10. Kunstkamera, Russia
The Kuntskamera was the first museum in Russia, opened in 1727 in St. Petersburg. At the time, he had more than 200 thousand pieces, a collection of human oddities with deformed fetuses, creatures with two heads, and even a human head preserved in vinegar. Today, the number is lower, but many of the original traces are still exposed.

11. Museum of Cryptozoology, United States
12. Museum Miojo and Momofuku Ando, ​​Japan
13. Museum of Death, Thailand
14. Hall of Fame and Research Center of Clowns, United States
15. Museum of Extreme Beauty, Malaysia

Source: cnn.com


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