10 Carros mais bem sucedidos de todos os tempos

10 Most successful Cars of all time

10. Chevrolet Impala - 1958

The tenth best selling model carries with it a long history of nine generations since 1957. Over the decades, Chevrolet sold more than 14 million versions of the Impala ...
Chevrolet Impala - 2014
... and now plans to continue on the path of success: the manufacturer announced a new generation of the Impala for 2014.

9. Volkswagen Passat - 1975
9º Volkswagen Passat - 1975
In the ninth position among the best selling models are the Volkswagen Passat with more than 15.5 million versions sold since 1973.
The car is currently produced in its sixth generation and is available as a sedan, wagon and lately also in version Passat Alltrack a layout more all-terrain.

8. Ford Model T - 1908
8º Ford Model T - 1908
Eighth arises a former number one sales. The Ford Model T was at the top of the list with 16.5 million units sold to be overtaken by Beetle in 1972.
8º Ford Model T - 1917
About 1% of all vehicles sold between 1908 and 1927 still exist today, due to being an icon and also because of its simple mechanics.

7. Honda Accord - 1977
7º Honda Accord - 1977
The Honda Accord is the seventh best-selling model in the world and, since its launch in 1976, over 17.5 million units have been sold.

The model is currently marketed in its eighth generation.

6. Honda Civic - 1975
6º Honda Civic - 1975
Produced since 1972 for more than nine generations and with over 18.5 million units registered, is the Honda Civic to secure the sixth place among the best sellers in the world and
the second model from Honda in the list.
The latest generation has just been introduced in 2012.

5. Ford Escort - 1968
5º Ford Escort - 1968
In fifth place is the Ford Escort, another beststeller Europe, which was released in 1968 and produced until 2000.

Between 1981 and 2003 another model was produced by the Ford Escort. In total it sold more than 20 million cars.

4. Volkswagen Beetle - 1946
4º Volkswagen Beetle - 1946
The Beetle, launched in 1938, became an icon of the automotive world during the postwar years. Won the hearts of customers around the world with its curvaceous design and affordable price.

Even today the design enchants and Volkswagen launched its successor retro style, the New Beetle in 1997. To date approximately 23.9 million Beetles found an owner.

3. Volkswagen Golf - 1974
3º Volkswagen Golf - 1974
In 2002 the Volkswagen Golf overtook the family elder, the Beetle, the list of popular cars worldwide. Currently in its seventh generation, the famous hatchback was first released in 1974 ...

Volkswagen Golf - 2012
... and has since sold more than 27.5 million units worldwide. The model will continue its success story with a new generation unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in September of 2012.

2. Ford F-1-1948
2º Ford F-1 - 1948
In business since 1948, and currently produced in the 12th generation, the pick-up Ford F-Series is a true American icon.
2º Ford F-Series - 2009
Ford F-Series - 2009
The pick-up has convinced generations of customers with its robustness and currently has more than 35 million units sold.

1. Toyota Corolla - 1966
1º Toyota Corolla - 1966
Produced since 1966 over 10 generations, the Corolla is to date the best-selling model in the world with over 37.5 million units registered.

Toyota Corolla Altis - 2011
The model continues to be marketed globally and is recognized among customers for its reliability.

Source: autovia.pt


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