10 Cidades mais Globalizadas do Mundo

10 Most Globalized Cities of the World
There are 5 major factors that determine the global cities in the world and these are: the economy, human capital, information exchange, cultural experience and political engagement. All of which meet the 5 major factors that give them the quality of the 10 most globalized cities.

1. New York - USA
Known as the capital of the world, New York pose all the attributes to make it the world’s most globalized city with a vibrant economy and also center of almost the entire world economy, in addition to the five districts of the world’s best-known (Manhattan , Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island). It is also the world’s cosmopolitan city. Its political importance is incredibly crucial for the world and it is located at the United Nations building.

2. London - United Kingdom

One of the cities with the highest global tourism, with great economic and political, and is distinguished as one of the world’s most recognized democracies it brings together a wide range of ethnicities, cultures, and religions, and are spoken in the city more 300 languages.

3. Paris - France

It is one of the capitals of Europe, here have signed many agreements worldwide, is known as the City of Lights or the capital of diplomacy, thousands of lovers visit this city every day, there is a huge cultural, social and inexpensively. It also has some of the most important museums worldwide such as: the Louvre (the most famous and most visited museum in the world), the Orsay Museum and the National Museum of Natural History of France. What’s more is the most visited city in the world, with nearly 26 million tourists from around the world each year.

4. Tokyo - Japan

It is one of the capitals of the world economy is good, in fact he was awarded recently being named the best global economy, although it is the second largest economy in the world by population density issues, has one of the most important financial centers in the world, hundreds of companies around the world have their headquarters in this city, including many of the financial industry, such as insurance companies and banks. His influence in Asia and the world is indisputable, has some of the best transportation systems in the world, both goods and people.

5. Hong Kong - China

It is one of the most important capitals of the world and may soon become the most important in the world economy, given its economic power and its population density. For this reason the number of ethnicities and races that are coming to this city that is just opening to the world the place as one of the most globalized world and the fastest growing.

6. Los Angeles - USA
No. 6: Los Angeles
It is the border between Mexico and the United States and also the world’s busiest border. Every day millions of people trade and cross into Los Angeles, is one of the U.S. cities with the highest number of universities and is considered a center of culture and entertainment, also boasts some of the best libraries in the United States.

7. Singapore - Singapore

It is one of the most vibrant capitals of the world economy, with one of the highest GDP per capita in the world, for that very reason it is considered as one of the famous five Asian tigers. Although not its only strong, as it has a huge cultural power to attract world tourism, approximately 10 to 15 million tourists per year visit Singapore.

8. Chicago - USA

The Windy City is called the third American city on this list, this for its great cultural contribution, both musical and literary arts who was born in this city, for example the House. Also this city is considered as the center of U.S. health care, because the best medical schools and universities are located there, including the University of Illinois, which attracts a large number of students and patients worldwide .

9. Seoul - South Korea

Undoubtedly one of the five Asian tigers in the world, in this Asian city is home to over 10 million people, there are 25 districts and is one of the most powerful economies in the world, which has some of the most powerful companies in the world . Its urban structure is the most cosmopolitan of the planet, as well as their means of transport that are nothing short of futuristic.

10. Amsterdam - Netherlands

If you want to bridge the ancient and the modern, this is Amsterdam, one of Europe’s classic cities that also has not become completely modern aspects in a new city, unlike the Baroque style preserved from centuries past and integrates some of the planet’s most cosmopolitan cafes that is precisely what attracts tourists by the fact that it allows the use of some drugs that elsewhere in the world would not be any good views, like marijuana. Another aspect that make it attractive are its classic or biking trips, which is what has given these Postcards known around the world where we see orange tulips in their fields.


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