10 Discos de Vinil mais caros do Mundo

10 Most expensive Vinyl Disc of the World

1. The Quarry Men
In Spite of All the Danger Label
Record: That'll Be The Day/In Spite Of All The Danger 
Specification:1958, acetate 
Price: £200,000

2. The Quarry Men
Record: That'll Be The Day/In Spite Of All The Danger 
Specification: 1981, 7' 45rpm and 10' 78rpm replicas of 1958 acetate in reproduction die-cut Parlophone sleeve 
Price: £10,000

3. Sex Pistols
Record: God Save The Queen 
Specification:1977, acetate 
Price: £10,000

4. Sex Pistols
Record: No Feelings 
Specification:1977, A&M AMS 7284 
Price: £8,000

5. Sex Pistols
Record: Anarchy In The UK/No Fun 
Specification: 1977, acetate 
Price: £7,000

6. The Beatles
Record: The Beatles 
Specification: 1968, Apple PMC/PCS 7067/8 
Price: £7,000

7. The Beatles
Record: Please Please Me 
Specification: 1963, Parlophone PCS 3042 
Price: £5,000

8. Queen
Record: Bohemian Rhapsody/I'm In Love With My Car 
Specification: 1978, EMI 2375 
Price: £5,000

9. The Beatles
Record: Love Me Do/PS I Love You 
Specification: 1962, Parlophone 45-R 4949 
Price: £5,000

10. Sex Pistols
Record: Anarchy In The UK 
Specification:1976, acetate 
Price: £5,000

Source: Record Collector Magazine


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