10 Países mais Inovadores (2012)

10 Most Innovative Countries (2012)
To rank them, the Daily Beast surveyed members of the I-20, a group of innovation experts from 25 countries around the globe. These so-called “innovation czars” weren’t allowed to vote for their own countries, so it can’t be too slanted.

1. USA

NASA prepares for launch in Cape Canaveral, FL.
The USA has a risk-taking culture and pours $25 billion into venture capital each year. The most cash goes to Silicon Valley, Calif., home of Google, Yahoo! and Apple, Inc. and other gigantic companies.

2. Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Singapore
There are few natural resources in Singapore, but the government is so focused on technological innovation, science education and global travel. Daily Beast said that the Boston Consulting Group ranked Singapore best in terms of fostering innovation with corporate and governmental policies.

3. Finland

Finnish architecture.
Finland invests 3.7 percent of its gross to technological advancement, and about $540 million in grants to businesses and institutions every year.

4. Israel

The Palmachim desalination plant, an example of innovation in Israel.

The Israeli government implements tons of programs to encourage youngsters to be entrepreneurs. There is one start-up business in Israel for every 1,800 residents.

5. South Korea

Home to cell phone companies Samsung and LG, South Korea has grown into a trillion-dollar economy since the 1970′s. South Korean residents use cell phones for everything–calling, surfing the Web, watching TV–forcing industry to stay on their toes.

6. Denmark
IBC - Denmark
The  International Business College (IBC)
Denmark made it to the list because of its emphasis on state-of-the-art design. The country’s Innovation Center also has a direct relationship with leaders in Silicon Valley, Calif.

7. India
India became a formidable force in the global economy when the nation began providing low-cost outsourcing for software needs around the world. The “burgeoning entrepreneurialism and a domestic venture-capital industry is generating future growth.”

8. Germany

Germany is a leading force in the pharma industry. The country morphine, aspirin and 77 Nobel Prize winners for chemistry, medicine and physics.

9. Japan

Japan has a strong patent output, proportional to its population. The country invests highly in research and development and has a strong focus on scientific progress and eco-technology.

10. Chile
Extract water from fog
Chile, an arid country, was the first places to extract water from fog. Countries in South America and the Middle East are now following suit.

Source: Daily Beast


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