10 Relógios mais caros do Mundo (até 2012)

10 Most Expensive Watches (2012)

10. Patek Philippe reference 1591
Most Expensive Watches
Price tag: £1,800,000
Yes, indeed. This normal-looking watch was sold at an auction for well over £1.5 million. It immediately became the most expensive stainless-steel watch ever sold. If you ever inherit a Patek Philippe in stainless steel, then you'd better take care of it. Patek Philippe watches in steel are more rare than their siblings in gold and therefore fetch incredibly high prices at auctions.

9. Patek Philippe reference 2499 First Series
Most Expensive Watches
Price tag: £1,850,000
Again, a Patek Philippe. But this one is made in rose gold rather than stainless steel. So this proves it’s also smart to hang on to rose-gold watches you inherit. It might just be a rare one like this reference 2499 limited edition of only five pieces.

8. Parmigiani Fleurier Fibonacci Pocket Watch
Most Expensive Watches
Price tag: £1.9 million 
OK, now we enter the “fully iced” zone with a pocket watch made by Parmigiani Fleurier. The pocket watch has a minute repeater with cathedral gongs (it chimes to tell the time) and a perpetual calendar. Furthermore, there’s a lot of white gold, enamel figures and diamonds featured. This pocket watch takes two years to manufacture.

7. Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4
Most Expensive Watches
Price tag: £2 million 
For a mere £2 million, you can buy the Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4 Grande Sonnerie Westminster Carillon. It’s a mouthful, but consider this is the most complicated wristwatch in the world. It features 36 complications and is made of no less than 1,483 individual components. This complicated watch has now replaced the Patek Philippe Caliber 89, which previously held the title of the world’s most complicated watch.

6. Cartier Secret watch with phoenix decor
Most Expensive Watches
Price tag: £2.1 million 
A one-of-a-kind Cartier wristwatch shaped as a phoenix is created from 18-carat rhodium-plated white gold and set with emeralds, brilliant-cut diamonds and one pear-shaped diamond weighing 3.53 carats. More than 80 carats of diamond are used on this timepiece.

5. Piaget Emperador Temple
Most Expensive Watches
Price tag: £2.6 million
The Piaget Emperador Temple is, as we call it, fully iced. There are 481 brilliant-cut diamonds, 207 baguette-cut diamonds and an emerald-cut diamond on the top of the case. And that’s just the first part of the case. The second part of the case, containing another watch now with a tourbillon, has a dial made of Polynesian mother-of-pearl and is set with 162 brilliant-cut diamonds and 11 baguette-cut diamonds. The bracelet is set with 350 baguette-cut diamonds.

4. Louis Moinet Meteoris
Most Expensive Watches
Price tag: £3.6 million
OK, including this one’s a bit of a cheat. The Louis Moinet Meteoris is, in fact, a set of four tourbillon watches, but they are sold as a set. Each of the watches have dials made of out-of-this-world materials, such as meteorite from Mars, the moon, an asteroid, and an ancient meteorite called "Rosetta Stone." When you buy the set, you get a complimentary planetarium that depicts the solar system.

3. Patek Philippe Calibre 89
Most Expensive Watches
Price tag: £4.5 million
In 1989, Patek Philippe created the Calibre 89 Pocket Watch to celebrate the company's 150th anniversary. It wasn't just a simple pocket watch. (At that time, it was the world’s most complicated watch and weighed over two pounds). It includes no less than 1,728 components and took Patek Philippe five years of research and four years to manufacture. 
The cool thing is that it also indicates the temperature, as if we needed a mechanical pocket watch to do that. Since Franck Muller made the Aeternitas Mega 4, this is no longer the world’s most complicated watch.

2. Patek Philippe Supercomplication
Most Expensive Watches
Price tag: £9 million
And, again, a Patek Philippe, a brand that is famous for the many highly collectible watches that are sold for millions at auctions. Here’s the Patek Philippe Supercomplication, a yellow-gold pocket watch, that was created for banker Henry Graves Jr. in 1932. 
Graves had a competition with James Ward Packard (of the Packard car company) for having the world’s most complicated watch. This Patek Philippe Supercomplication ensured Graves of winning this contest, and it was Patek Philippe who created a watch with even more complications (the Patek Philippe Caliber 89).

1. The 201-carat Chopard
Most Expensive Watches
Price tag: £20 million
Twenty-five million pounds? Yes, you read it right. Twenty-five with six zeros. This is the world’s most expensive watch, and it’s made of a 15-carat pink diamond, a 12-carat blue diamond and an 11-carat white diamond. They also used some white gold and some yellow gold, and, of course, 163 carats of smaller diamonds, coming to a total of 201 carats.


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