10 Carros dos 10 Homens mais Ricos do Mundo

10 Cars of the 10 Richest Men in the World
Looking at the cars chosen by the 10 richest men in the world (according to the list in 2012), the overall picture is quite sober. Except for some minor oddities here and there, the choice is generally conservative and car prices are well below the value that business gurus could afford.
Note: The photos of their vehicles do not match the person associated with it as well as their enrollments.

10. Karl Albrecht
Karl Albrecht car´s
Karl Albrecht, one of the founders of the German Empire and Aldi with a personal fortune of 20.4 billion euros, leads a secret life and little is known about their personal habits. For decades were not seen any pictures of him, much less him with his car. However, rumors of driving a BMW 3 Series, 2011.

9. Li Ka-Shing
Li Ka-Shing car´s
Li Ka-Shing is one of the most powerful businessmen in Asia with a fortune of 20.5 billion euros. But as a man who has conquered all alone, also value modesty. Thus, despite record that has two Rolls-Royce Phantoms, these are used only for business purposes. Have your personal car is supposedly a Mercedes-Benz oldest 90s.

8. Stefan Persson
Stefan Persson car´s
By far the richest Swede, and currently number 8 on a global scale, is Stefan Persson, founder of H & M. The popularity of Swedish fashion to the masses resulted in his fortune of 20.9 billion euros. As far as the car dangled his choice for a Volvo S80, as brave as modest. Interestingly, the country offers its machines more extravagant than he could afford as a Koenigsegg Agera, for example.

7. Eike Batista
Carro de Eike Batista, Eike Batista car´s
Significantly more salivating is the personal taste of Eike Batista, the Brazilian billionaire oil with a fortune valued at 24.2 billion euros. The tycoon himself chose a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, but instead of taking a walk along the beach of Ipanema, prefer to park it in your living room to serve as a decorative element.

6. Larry Ellison
Larry Ellison car´s
Larry Ellison of Oracle is one of the few genuine petrol heads amongst the top 10 of Forbes. Ellison has a distinguished collection of cars, including an Audi R8, McLaren F1, Honda NSX, Lexus LFA and Lexus LS 600h L. With an estimated fortune of 29 billion euros, this is an expensive hobby that can certainly be maintained.

5. Amancio Ortega
Amancio Ortega car´s
Amancio Ortega, Spanish businessman and owner of the Zara fashion empire, is the richest man in Spain and fifth in the world. Despite its colossal fortune of 30.2 billion euros, your choice of car fell on an executive luxury. The Audi A8 is likely that provides both comfort and anonymity on the streets of Madrid, as he wishes.

4. Bernard Arnault
Bernard Arnault car´s
As president of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, Bernard Arnault became the fourth richest person on the planet. By working for the world's largest luxury brands anyone expects him to enjoy the good things in life, including exclusive cars. Little is known but yet say who owns a BMW 7 Series.

3. Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett car´s
The legendary investor Warren Buffett with a fortune of 35 billion euros. Buffett caused a stir in 2006 when put up for sale on Ebay your Lincoln Town Car Signature 2001 for charity. The car had a personalized license plate that said "Thrifty" (economic).

2. Bill Gates
Bill Gates car´s
Bill Gates earned a reputation for being an expert and collector of sports cars from Porsche. With more than 49 billion euros in the bank, buy icons like the Porsche 911 Cabrio or the rare 1999 Porsche 959 Coupe 1988 must have been like buying a piece of cake. The June 2, 2012, your 911 Turbo 1979 was auctioned in Vienna.

1. Carlos Slim Helu
Veículos de Carlos Slim Helu
The Mexican telecommunications magnate Carlos Slim Helu is the richest man in the world, with a fortune of over 55 billion euros. It is best known for enjoying more art than cars, but still leads in perfect British style a Bentley Continental Spur.

Source: autoviva.sapo.pt


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