10 Cidades com festas de Carnaval mais famosas

10 Cities with the most famous Carnival celebrations
Although Brazil is considered the country's Carnival is not only there that falls into revelry before Lent. Learn more places in the world where celebration, originally Catholic, is also quite famous - and attracts tourists from around the world.

10. Olinda, Brazil

In city of Olinda Pernambuco, dancers jump Carnival umbrella in hand and foot frevo. The five-day festival, which begins with the typical parade of giant puppets known as Mamulengos offer several road blocks, as the cafe and Justice Cod Potato, which closes the Carnaval on Ash Wednesday. And for those who still want to enjoy a more metropolitan carnival, the nearby reef is a few miles away.

9. Basel, Switzerland

Known as Fasnacht, the Swiss carnival reaches one of its highest expressions in Basel. He starts on Monday prior to Ash Wednesday, at around 4 am with the call Morgestraich. That's when all the lights go off and several costumed groups parade with lanterns through downtown while playing carnival tunes on flutes and drums. The Carnival celebration lasts 72 hours.
8. Barranquilla, Colombia
During Carnival in the Colombian city, located 700 km from Bogotá, you can enjoy a typical series of events and shows. In parades, for example, are presented dances and folk rhythms like cumbia, whistle, harmonica, salsa, fandango, and mapalé Merecumbe. Declared by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, the event climaxes on Saturday prior to Lent, with the Battle of Flowers.

7. Quebec, Canada
Hailed as the largest winter carnival in the world, the Carnaval de Quebec, Canada, lasts three weeks. The festival consists of concerts, snow sculptures, parades and nightly sports activities, such as competition canoes and ice fishing. Despite a cold that reached 10 degrees below zero - and enables even the existence of an Ice Palace - the celebration usually attracts thousands of people around the world.

6. Nice, France

In the French city of Nice - the biggest resort of the Cote D'Azur - the highlights of Carnival are the giant paper mache puppets, street parties and the famous Battle of Flowers. In jest, flowers used to decorate the floats are thrown in a parade watchers that permeates the Promenade des Anglais. The tradition dates back to 1876, when carnival parade in decorated carriages and exchanged bouquets with each other.

5. Cologne, Germany

While many in Brazil complain that the preparations for Carnival begin too soon, the Germans are already jumping for weeks. In Cologne, for example, the festivities begin no less than in November - more specifically at 11:11 on 11 November (11th month of the year) - and extend until Ash Wednesday. Celebrated in midwinter, mark what the Germans call the "fifth season".

4. Salvador, Brazil

They say, in Bahia, Carnaval is the year. But it is in the days leading up to Lent Salvador that reaches the height of folly. In ax and a lot of pace drumming, revelers with or without abadá (shirt that identifies the blocks) have fun watching the famous electric trios. That did not guarantee that its abbot and not bought tickets for the cabins wins the nickname "Popcorn" - and jumps without the protection of the cordons.

3. New Orleans, United States
Mardi Gras
It is the world capital of jazz that happens the most famous Carnival of the United States: Mardi Gras, or Shrove Tuesday. The party has blocks parades, floats and costumed people. But for those who thought that nudity during Carnival is exclusive of Brazilians, the Mardi Gras tradition brings a particular good: distribute colorful beaded necklaces, symbol of the party, who show their breasts.

2. Venice, Italy

It is during the Venice Carnival that receives the highest number of tourists, attracted by a particular historical tradition dating back to the twelfth century and had its heyday in the eighteenth century. And also when the Italian city, known as the Queen of the Adriatic, wins that aspect of masquerade in the open - apart from those that are actually awarded within age-old palaces, complete with costumes of the highest refinement.

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
When it comes to Carnival, no city in the world is capable of attracting more limelight than Rio de Janeiro, where the fun starts just after the turn of the year. In the capital of Rio, grace is jump and sing marching behind the famous bloquinhos street, all washed down with much confetti and serpentine. Another highlight that attracts tourists from all corners of the planet is watching the parade of samba schools in the Marquis de Sapucaí. Carnival rather impossible.

Source: veja.abril.com.br


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