10 Cores mais populares de carros em 2012

10 Popular Colors for Cars in 2012
According to PPG's annual survey of global auto color popularity, white retained the leading spot (22 percent) as the most popular car color based on 2012 automotive build data.
"Color is one of the first characteristics noticed in product design, and it is increasingly being used in everyday items, from cell phones to large appliances, based largely on automotive trends," said Jane E. Harrington, PPG manager, color styling, automotive OEM (original equipment manufacturer) coatings. "The palette being developed for the automotive segment continues to be influenced by culture, nature, fashion, interior design, color popularity and new pigment technology." 

1. White (22 %)
Audi R8 Exclusive Selection - White Headlight
Audi R8

2. Silver (20 %)

Aston MartinVanquish

3. Black (19 %)

Tesla S

4. Gray (12 %)

Mercedes Benz SL63AM

5. Red (9 %)

McLaren MP4

6. Natural (8 %)

Pagani Huayra

7. Blue (7 %)


8. Green (2 %)

Lotus Elise

9. Yellow (1 %)

Lamborghini Gallardo

10. Other colours (1 %)

Source: ppg.com


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