10 + 1 Mais assustadores nomes de carros

10 + 1 Most Scariest Car Names
Some car names, whether born of attempts to sound bad-ass or to simply stand out from the crowd, automakers have a long history of saddling cars with names that sound evil. Manufacturers also like to borrow names from the animal kingdom, and they're generally based on predatory beasts. And some names aren't meant to be scary, but are so poorly thought out that they become the basis for unintentional comedy.
The automakers sometimes they lack creativity to name a new release, then there is from the ridiculous to name a vehicle that sometimes combines with the car itself, such as the Lamborghini Diablo, sometimes these cars up cease to sales success. All for a bad name given to him.
Note: Do not follow the numbering sequence.

Ford - Probe
While the name "Probe" isn't meant to be scary, we think we can all agree that the name conjures up some disturbing imagery. Not to mention that Ford nearly killed the Mustang to replace it with this front-drive coupe.

Dodge - Viper

Indiana Jones' fear of snakes is well justified, and vipers aren't exactly known for being warm and cuddly. The car is scary, too, given all that power and the lack of safety aids (at least on the old model. The 2013 will have traction control, thanks to a federal mandate). We're shaking at just the thought of driving one in the rain.

Shelby - Cobra

Cobras are just as scary as vipers, and the Shelby Cobra was likely a handful to drive. Reptilian car names sound cool, but real snakes still scare us.

Lamborghini - Diablo

It's named after the devil. Enough said.

Dodge - Demon

This version of the original Dodge Dart borrowed from the supernatural for its moniker. Dodge was originally going to call it the Beaver, but since that word has a very inappropriate slang use, that plan was scrapped.

AMC - Gremlin

What could be scarier than a car named for an evil creature that likes to damage machinery? Maybe the odd hatchback design? The '70s were weird.

Plymouth - Prowler
Red Plymouth Prowler at South Square.jpg
Yeah, we know the name is supposed to evoke images of a hot rod prowling the roads. But it can also evoke images of creepy people prowling your neighborhood. That's enough to give us the willies.

Pontiac - Banshee

This concept car never made it to market, and that's too bad, because a car named for a supernatural creature who wails when someone is about to die seems like an awesome idea to us.

Plymouth - Fury

It's not enough that the "Fury" name comes from the mythological spirits of vengeance who drove people mad, but a Plymouth Fury also played the murderous car in Stephen King's Christine. We'll be avoiding any houses with a Fury in the driveway while trick-or-treating this year.

Rolls-Royce - Phantom

It's named after a ghost. It doesn't matter if the ghost is friendly or hostile, a ghost is a ghost.

Willys - Capeta

In 1964 Willys Overland do Brazil presented the public with an experimental car called Capeta. With a great luxury and finish lines arojadas, Capeta was based on the elements of the Willys Aero with a four-speed box, dashboard full reclining seats, sports steering wheel and adjustable. It was one of the highlights of the Automotive Hall IV held at Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo from November 28 to December 13, 1964.

Source: web2carz.com


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