10 Melhores destinos Salgados no Mundo

10 Salty Destinations in the World
For those who want to travel but want to stay far away land of chocolates or delicious cakes here are good destinations where the theme is the salt ...

10. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Largest salt desert in the world, with approximately 12,000 km ², is the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia's Potosí region, more than 3300 meters above sea level. In the rainy season, the plains are covered with a thin layer of water that reflects the beautiful scenery. At bedtime, you can lodge in a hotel made of salt in the heart of the Salar.

9. Lake Qinghai, China
Qinghai Lake.jpg
Situated between the snowy mountains of Tibet and the grasslands of China's Qinghai region, is the largest salt lake in China, 3200 meters above sea level, in an area of 4,489 km2 (1,733 sq mi) (2007)​​. The lake is a meeting point for migratory birds during the months of March and June, mainly in Bird Island.

8. Mountain of Salt Cardona, Spain

The 90 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​the imposing mountain sun Cardona form a card portal surprising in a region of historic castles that make small town even more attractive. The Salt Mountain has an exhibition of sculptures carved in salt mines inside that can be explored on guided tours.

7. Great Salt Lake, U. S.

Known as the dead sea of ​​the United States is the Great Salt Lake in northern Utah, and is the largest salt lake in the western hemisphere, with about 4400 km ². The lake has a dozen islands with beautiful beaches, which can be visited on day cruises. The Great Salt Lake is less than an hour's drive from Salt Lake City.

6. Salt Mines of Wieliczka, Poland

Near the town of Wieliczka in southern Poland, the Wieliczka Salt Mines attract over one million visitors per year. A dozen statues and a chapel built on the walls of salt by the miners, where even the chandeliers are made of salt, are part of the main attractions of these mines exploited since the 13th century.

5. Salinas Grandes, Argentina

In the center of Argentina, a huge saline 8900 km ² occupies the northwestern province of Cordoba. The Salinas Grandes are located on a tectonic fault with winds and a white expanse that reflects the sky in times of rain. Adding salt to the adjacent Salinas and Salinas Ambargasta of St. Bernard, arrives to over 30,000 km ², creating one of the largest salt flats in the world.

4. Dead Sea, Israel and Jordan

The Dead Sea is a salt lake of more than 1000 km ² between Israel and the West Bank. While the salinity of the sea used to be, on average, 4%, Dead Sea is about 27%, which prevents the life of marine life, fewer small microscopic organisms. The water is so salty that people float in it.

3. Devil's Golf Course, U. S.

At the heart of the Mojave Desert in the U.S. state of Nevada, Death Valley National Park is one of the lowest in the world, situated about 80 meters below the sea level. Halfway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, the park has an area known as Devils Golf Course (golf course the Devil), salt crystals with extensions and curious formations that resemble prehistoric landscapes.

2. Cathedral salt Zipaquirá, Colombia

Built in a tunnel of salt mines 50 km from Bogotá, the salt cathedral of Zipaquirá is part of the Parque de la Sal, a 32-acre nature reserve. To reach the cathedral, one of Colombia's most beautiful buildings, you pass for fourteen chapels, and each has a cross carved on the walls of salt.

1. Salinas Trapani, Italy

In the west of the Italian island of Sicily, the salt pans of Trapani mills have whites and salt pools formed by the evaporation of seawater in the Mediterranean. Located on the salt route, between Trapani and Marsala, the salt flats are surrounded by a life facing the sea, with fishing, collection of corals and salt production.

Source: terra.com.br


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