10 Melhores Empresas em Ética nos Negócios (2012)

10 Best Companies in Business Ethics (2012)
EIRIS British consultancy, responsible for sustainability indices of stock exchanges in London and Johannesburg, assessed the corporate governance practices and environmental responsibility of more than two thousand companies worldwide and how can observe most are pharmaceutical companies.

1. Puma
According to the advisory, the German sportswear company Puma is an example in business ethics. The report says the company has "exceptional environmental management systems", transparency in reporting their sustainable initiatives and a comprehensive policy of equal opportunities for its employees. Efforts to involve the chain of suppliers and other business partners also counted for points to lead the Cougars. The study also points out that, although the company has encountered problems related to excessive working hours in some suppliers, it has been taking steps process to solve these issues and improve its internal control system.

2. First Group
transforming travelThe second place ranking was the British First Group, the sector of transport logistics solutions between domestic and international travel. Business owner FistLog Brazil, the group is responsible in the UK for over 90% of services trade by rail and road. Although they refer to high-risk activities and environmental demands close attention to the issue of safety and health of employees, the company scores well in demonstrating "significant improvements in its environmental performance, reducing impacts on the environment," says text.

3. National Australia BankBecause it is a bank, the third place in the ranking faces less risk of environmental and corporate governance when compared to companies in other sectors. It does not mean that they are saved. According to the report, the danger here is associated with the financing arranged. In this context, the National Australia Bank stands to prioritize responsible investment, training your staff to identify potential environmental and social risks of projects seeking loan.

4. GlaxoSmithKline
For the British consultancy, pharmaceuticals GlaxoSmithKline is recognized among the leaders of sustainability largely due to their commitment to promoting access to medicines in the developing world - with price differentials for drugs and voluntary license to the generic manufacturers. "Besides these social engagements, the company demonstrates exceptional environmental practices, especially in water management," the report says.

5. Roche

Like other pharmaceutical companies, Roche, placed fifth in the rankings, faces risks related to environmental impacts, human rights, and corporate governance issues. In the example of GlaxoSmithKline, the strengths of the Swiss company derives its products and services with easy access to developing countries. The good performance is also checked in "advanced code of ethics and anti-bribery management."

6. Novartis

According to the report, Novartis has a comprehensive environmental policy and management systems copies and disclosure practices. Moreover, the company has positive approach in managing water risk, which is considered a key area of ​​concern for the sector. As for corporate governance, realtório says the company moved into policies and programs to address corruption risks, as well as other more advanced practices of governance.

7. Philips Electronics
The seventh place on the list of business ethics is the Phillips Electronics. According to consulting firm EIRIS, the main risks are associated with work practices in supply chain and corruption. The report highlights how positive the overall policy management company that includes advanced systems to reduce impact on the environment.

8. Deutsche Boerse
Another company in the financial services industry, Deutsche Boerse, in charge of operations of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, not enough to be directly exposed to the risks of environmental governance. Even so, the report said, the company has good sustainability practices, especially in relation to reducing paper consumption.

9. Novo Nordisk

Like their peers in the pharmaceutical industry, Novo Nordisk is well assessed by performance in developed countries and good environmental management and moderate use of water in the production process. Moreover, the report praises the company's practice of giving bonuses to directors and senior managers in recognition of performance in the area of ​​environmental responsibility.

10. Go-Ahead Group
Environmental impacts are a key issue for companies in the travel industry and transportation. According to British consultancy, group trucking GoAhead leads its industry to opt for sustainable transport in 90% of their operations. This commitment is reinforced by a good and transparent environmental management as a whole.

Source: eiris.org


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