10 Marcas de automóveis mais Inovadoras em 2012

10 Most Innovative Car Brands in 2012
"Innovation is bringing something new to the market that is accepted by the customer and monetized," says the co-author of the report Hadi Zablit.

10. Volkswagen

The Volkswagen tried to lead everywhere. Tried to reduce the cost of vehicles, expanding to China and develop more efficient engines. Its modular MQB platform shows the future sharing of platforms between various models of different sizes in the future.

9. Renault

The Renault pioneered the use of smaller engines and cooperation with other brands. Its main compact models use a three-cylinder turbo engine. Moreover, the mark has been working with Daimler in development of new engines and platforms for the future.

8. GM

General Motors has focused on globalization and reducing costs of their cars. The group is among the leaders in the Chinese market and South America. It also has focused on developing more efficient engines. Has worked hard over the electric Volt.

7. Audi

Audi has been a leader in technological innovation in luxury cars. Pioneered the use of aluminum in conventional cars and has made major investments in technology within the future. The brand believes will have a car driven on sale until the end of the decade.

6. Nissan
Nissan has been trying to create a brand image ecological. To this end the Japanese brand has promoted the Leaf around the world and developed a CVT transmission that has equipped most of their models to improve fuel economy.

5. BMW
The BMW has been in constant motion over the last five years or more to become a greener company. You are in a process of transition from a predominantly supply of six-cylinder engines for the four-cylinder turbo engines in their main models.

4. Kia

Hyundai and Kia are part of the same group and share technology. This makes it strange to see the Kia slightly lower in the ranking. The former Audi designer Peter Schreyer, was promoted to company president and director of design.

3. Ford
Ford has been trying to compete with Toyota in terms of technology, much thanks to EcoBoost turbo engines. The American brand has also been developing its own hybrid technology to compete with Toyota. The design of the brand has also undergone constant improvements.

2. Toyota

Toyota has been the market leader when it comes to hybrids and is currently the largest car brand in the world in terms of sales. The brand says that by the end of the decade all its models will have a hybrid option available.

1. Hyundai

Hyundai rose 12 places from 2010 ranking. The company continues to offer cheap cars with technology and was able to use a platform to develop several cars in order to save money.

Source: autoviva.pt and bcg.com


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