10 Melhores Carros Britânicos de sempre

10 Best Cars of British always
The British magazine Autocar conducted a survey among its readers in order to discover what the best cars ever produced in Britain. It is the result of compiling the Who-is-Who of the automotive industry in the UK. Despite some illustrious names like Rolls-Royce or Bentley have been left off the list, the votes of readers revealed the true darlings of the British public.
As a nation with great automotive tradition, the choice was certainly not easy. But the results show that to become a giant in the automotive world size is not all that matters ...

10. London Taxi

An international icon par excellence: the London taxi. The famous black taxis fill the streets of the British capital and contribute a little more charm.

9. McLaren MP4-12C

The sport was launched in 2010 and is the first production car wholly designed and built by McLaren since the McLaren F1. A chassis constructed from carbon fiber composite, the MP4-12C is powered by a V8 McLaren M838T 3.8 liters. It is part of a long tradition of exquisite sports in Britain.

8. Morris Minor
The Morris Minor, a bit like the VW Beetle British, a people's car, which enjoyed great popularity between 1948 and 1971. The car was made in the economic Earls Court Motor Show in 1948 and created under the guidance of Alec Issigonis. When production ended in 1971, had been produced more than 1.3 million units of the Morris Minor.

7. Caterham 7
Caterham 7 Roadsport SV.jpg
The Caterham 7 or Seven, launched in 1973 as an evolution of the model Lotus Seven. The Lotus ceased production of the Caterham Seven in 1972 and bought the rights. It is since then the most popular model of Caterham. Was banned from competing in 1960 in the U.S. and in the 70s in the UK, because it was considered "too fast to race".

6. Land Rover Evoque
Range Rover Evoque 01 China 2012.JPG
The latest British creation, the Evoque, which made its first public appearance in 2010 in Paris. It is marketed as the smallest and "green" compact SUV from Land Rover. Range Rover is lighter and more fuel efficient. The Evoque is the first Range Rover to offer the choice between a choice of front-wheel drive or full-time.

5. McLaren F1

When he arrived in 1991, the Mclaren F1 dictated new rules for road cars. At the time it was the fastest production car, and twenty years later continues to be so. Although not designed for the track, a racing version of the F1 gave up very well in motorsport, winning several races. No wonder that the British consider one of the greatest cars of all time.

4. Land Rover

The all-terrain Land Rover veteran. In 1948 the Rover began producing the first series of 4x4 vehicles after the reveal in the Hall of Amsterdam. It was built over three generations, from 1948 to 1985. The Land Rover was originally designed for use in agriculture and light industry. However, it soon proved to be a versatile vehicle for commercial and private.

3. Jaguar E-Type
1963 Jaguar XK-E Roadster.jpg
Thanks to its sleek lines, high performance and low price, the E-Type was a bestseller in its category. When production of the sport ended in 1975, approximately 70,000 units had been produced and sold. Since then it has been considered one of the sport's most memorable and most advanced for its time and a true icon of the twentieth century.

2. Range Rover

The original Range Rover was introduced in 1970, marked the starting point for a new type of vehicle. However, the first generation, produced from 1970-1996, was far from luxury 4x4 we know today as Range Rover. The initial styling and equipment was very simple and utilitarian and only later were added convenience features in part by customers request more and more demanding, a market that increasingly more competitive this.

1. Austin Mini

The original Mini was launched in 1959 and became an instant hit. Its popularity was cemented with numerous titles such as "Car of the Century", "No One Classic Car of All Time" and "European Car of the Century", among others. The original version, with two doors, was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis and in total were produced some stunningly 5,387,862 Minis. And while the Mini evolved and became "Mega Mini", the old Minis still touch our soul.

Source: autocar.co.uk and autovia.pt


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