10 Últimos Papas no Vaticano

10 Last Popes Vatican
Here are the photos of the Popes with their coat of arms.

10. Leo XIII, O.F.S. (Secular Franciscan Order)
Leo XIII.jpgCoa Leone XIII.svg
Original Name: Vincenzo Gioacchino Raffaele Luigi Pecci Prosperi Buzzi
Country of Birth: (Carpineto Romano, Rome département, French Empire), Italy
Home of the pontificate: February 20, 1878
End of the pontificate: July 20, 1903
Duration (days): 9280
Name in Latin: Leo Tertius Decimus

9. St. Pius X, O.F.S. (Secular Franciscan Order)
PiusX, Bain.jpgPius X COA.svg
Original Name: Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto
Country of Birth: (Riese, Lombardy-Venetia, Austrian Empire), Italy
Home of the pontificate: August 4, 1903
End of the pontificate: August 20, 1914
Duration (days): 4034
Name in Latin: Pius Decimus
Note: Canonized in 1954.

8. Benedict XV, O.F.S. (Secular Franciscan Order)
Benedictus XV.jpgCoa Bennedetto XV.svg
Original Name: Giacomo Paolo Giovanni Battista della Chiesa
Country of Birth: Pegli, Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia, Italy
Home of the pontificate: September 3, 1914
End of the pontificate: January 22, 1922
Duration (days): 2698
Latin Name: Quintus Beneditus Decimus

7. Pius XI, O.F.S. (Secular Franciscan Order)
PiusXI33861u.jpgC o a Pio XI.svg
Original Name: Ambrogio Damiano Achille Ratti
Country of Birth: (Desio, Lombardy-Venetia, Austrian Empire), Italy
Home of the pontificate: February 6, 1922
End of the pontificate: February 10, 1939
Duration (days): 6213
Name in Latin: Pius Undecimus
Note: Signed the Lateran Treaty with Italy, establishing the Vatican City as a sovereign state. Was Pope from 6 February 1922, and sovereign of Vatican City from its creation as an independent state on 11 February 1929 until his death on 10 February 1939. He took as his papal motto, "Christ's peace in Christ's kingdom".

6. Pius XII, O.P. (Order of Preachers)
PiusXII12.jpgPius 12 coa.svg
Original Name: Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli
Country of Birth: Rome, Italy
Home of the pontificate: March 2, 1939
End of the pontificate: 9 October 1958
Duration (days): 7161
Name in Latin: Pius Duodecimus
Note: Proclaimed Venerable in 2009. 

5. Bd. John XXIII, SFO (Secular Franciscan Order)
JohnXXIII.jpgJohn 23 coa.svg
Original Name: Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli
Country of Birth: Bergamo, Italy
Home of the pontificate: 28 October 1958
End of the pontificate: June 3, 1963
Duration (days): 1679
Latin Name: Tertius Ioannes Vicesimus
Note: Beatified in 2000. It was the Pope who declared the official opening of the Second Vatican Council.

4. Paul VI, O.F.S. (Secular Franciscan Order)
Paolovi.jpgPaul 6 coa.svg
Original Name: Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini
Country of Birth: Brescia, Italy
Home of the pontificate: June 21, 1963
End of the pontificate: August 6, 1978
Duration (days): 5525
Name in Latin: Paulus Sextus
Note: Proclaimed servant of God in 1993. His papacy ended the reforms of Vatican II.

3. John Paul I
Albino Luciani, 1969 (3).jpgJohn paul 1 coa.svg
Original Name: Albino Luciani
Country of Birth: Veneto, Italy
Home of the pontificate: August 26, 1978
End of the pontificate: September 28, 1978
Duration (days): 33
Name in Latin: Paulus Primus Ioannes
Note: Proclaimed servant of God in 2003.

2. Bd. John Paul II
John Paul II Brazil 1997 3.jpgJohn paul 2 coa.svg
Original Name: Karol Józef Wojtyła
Country of birth: Wadowice, Poland
Home of the pontificate: 16 October 1978
End of the pontificate: April 2, 2005
Duration (days): 9665
Name in Latin: Paulus Secundus Ioannes
Note: First Polish pope and the first non-Italian pope in 455 years. Canonized more saints than all his predecessors. Traveled extensively. Second longest reign known after Pius IX.

1. Benedict XVI
Benedykt XVI (2010-10-17) 4.jpgBXVI CoA like gfx PioM.svg
Original Name: Joseph Alois Ratzinger
Country of Birth: Bavaria, Germany
Home of the pontificate: April 19, 2005
End of the pontificate: Announced on February 11, 2013 that he would resign the papacy on February 28, 2013
Duration (days): 2855
Name in Latin: Benedictus Sextus Decimus
Note: Resign February 28, 2013, at 20 hours.

Current pope:
Francis, (Society of Jesus - Jesuit)
(Latin: Franciscus [franˈtʃiskus], Italian: Francesco)
File:Pope Francis in March 2013.jpg
Original Name: Jorge Mario Bergoglio
Country of Birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Home of the pontificate: March 13, 2013

Source: wikipedia.org


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