10 Maiores Produtores de Algodão no Mundo (2012)

10 Cotton Producing Countries in the World (2012)
Cotton is the oldest fiber recorded in history for over 7000 years. In fact, it is a natural fiber being produced and harvested from cotton plants across the globe. It commonly belongs to the mallow family where you could see delicate yet beautiful sets of flowers that sprout in most of the cotton plants. It can be smoothened, straightened, knitted, dyed, and woven after separating it from the seeds. It could serve as linens or fabrics, towels, denim, robes, socks, t-shirts, underwear, cotton papers, and for medical purposes, medical cotton. Its seed could serve as vegetable oil.
Note: The content below discusses about the top ten cotton producing countries in the world in relevance to their production rate.
This classification rarely changes from year to year and may stir up some 3 placements because the weather is the main variant causing them to gain or lose positions.

1. China

People’s Republic of China is the largest cotton producing country in the world with 33 million bales of production. 24 provinces out of 31 are engaged in the cultivation of cotton as a major cash crop. The cotton textile industry is the largest sector which employees over 10 million workers in China and has also remained a foremost exported material.

2. India

Though there was a decline in the cotton production during the colonial rule, India has once again emerged as a chef cotton producing nation with 27 million bales as the current production rate. It is one of the principal crops of India and plays a vital role in the country’s economic growth by providing substantial employment and making significant contributions to export earnings. The introductions of hybrid seeds and advanced biotechnology traits have boosted its production scale and by 2015 it might overtake China.

3. United States
Offloading freshly harvested cotton into a module builder in Texas
Ever since the US government has subsidized cotton, along with other major crops, there is an increase in its cultivation. 18 million bales is the recent output and in the last one decade its production has cost $1.76 billion per year. Cultivation through modern view and methods has encouraged the total output of the crop.

4. Pakistan

1.4 million farmers engaged over 3 million hectares of land is the main reason behind why Pakistan has a name for cotton production and ranks among the top ten cotton producing countries in the world. The nation has cultivated 10.3 million bales in recent times though rain and flood have affected a large portion of cultivated land.

5. Brazil

Brazil has taken credit for producing 9.3 million bales of cotton in 2011, though there was an eight years long dispute between the nation and United States regarding subsidies. Since cotton prices have gone up in the international market, Brazilian farmers have expended their field in order to have much more cultivations.

6. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has a long history of cotton production and export which is also known as the “White Gold” in the country. With 4.6 million bales production in recent time, the cash crop has played a vital role in the country’s economic growth and industrial development. More over one third of the employment of the nation is connected to cotton labour force, which is split into farms, factories, and other important regions.

7. Australia

Queensland in Australia is responsible for the large scale production of cotton as a cash crop. Suitable weather conditions such as variable rainfall, high temperatures and high evaporation along with fertile deep alluvial dark clay soils have always given a good output allowing Australia to compete in the international market with 4.2 million bales cultivation last year.

8. Turkey

The Turkish cotton cultivation has not only made the nation one among the top ten cotton producing countries in the world but also has played a fundamental part in the development of local industries, sound infrastructure and in employment of the people. Favourable climatic conditions, productive soil and enough work force is the backbone of 2.8 million bales in 2011.

9. Turkmenistan

The chief regions of cotton production in Turkmenistan are Ahal, Mary, Lebap, Dashoguz and Balkan which accounted for 1.6 million bales last year. The government is showing interest and researches are conducted to further enhance the production rate.

10. Greece

Cotton cultivation has a long tradition in Greece and due to improvements in cultivation techniques it has grown up to be a major producer in the global market with 1.4 million bales production in recent times. Though the average size of the Greece cultivation fields are small, rich alluvial plains accompanied by river irrigation has kept away the production rate from falling.

Source: bbs.chinadaily.com.cn


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