10 Maiores sites de redes sociais na China (2012)

10 Largest Social Networking Sites in China (2012)
The estimated number of active social networking users in China is 597 Million. The volume of social sharing in China went up by 60% in 2012 alone. 
China, the new Internet giant. Take advantage of this market opportunity that we give to you to know.
Check to our list for more interesting facts about social media in China.

Note: Estimated number of registered users (In Millions). 

1. Qzone

Social networking website where users can write blogs, share photos, music and much more.
712 Millions

2. Tencent Weibo

Chinese Microblogging Website.
507 Millions

3. Sina Weibo

Chinese Microblogging Website – A hybrid of Twitter and Facebook.
500 Millions

4. Wechat

Micro Messaging App.
300 Millions

5. Pengyou

A real-name social network
259 Millions

6. 51.com

For the Chinese web-gaming community.
200 Millions

7. Kaixin001

Cloned the most successful and well-known Facebook applications to the Chinese Market.
113 Millions

8. RenRen

Facebook of China.
172 Millions

9. Jiayuan

The largest internet dating website of China
73 Millions

10. Douban

Chinese SNS devoted to music, books, films, and other hobbies.
62 Millions

Source: go-globe.com


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